Friday, August 29, 2008

More to Come

Now that we are back up...there will be much more to come. Check us out after Labor blogging allowed this weekend!

A Day at the Zoo!

Matt and Keely took me to the zoo for the day as an early birthday present. It was a gift for the entire family! We had so much fun looking at all of the animals. I told mommy and daddy that my favorites were the bears and the giraffes.

Hello little lizard!

Thank you Matt and Keely!


So, there was good news and there was bad news. Good news: internet working again. Bad news: we lost EVERYTHING on the computer. I was in tears thinking of all of the wonderful pictures that I lost. I know that I put the best on the blog...but there are thousands of other pictures. I know, we should have backed it up...but we have gotten lazy. The good thing is that most of the really little Katie pics and most of the recent pics are still around. I am just sick though! Additionally, we lost some other important budget, downloaded music, resumes (hopefully we won't need those anymore), and more. But, at least we are back up and can blog as much as we like.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update, Part 2

Internet still down...home computer not working...not good!

Internet people should come this afternoon...then maybe I can update with some pictures.

Here are some fun Katie facts:
- She is now in "official" pre-school, with a curriculum and everything!
- She is doing really well with sticker bribes for going peepee in the potty.
- Her words and sentences are becoming more clear every day.
- She loves to sing...and make songs her own...maybe
- She thinks she is Shawn Johnson (gymnast)...she likes to lay down blankets and run across them and throw her hands in the air as if she has just completed a full back with a twist...too cute!
- She has only a few more days until she is TWO!

I promise to post as soon as I can...Please don't give up on us!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Still here!

Yes, we are still here! But, our internet has been down since Saturday and my intentions were to update on Sunday. They are coming out today to "fix" (hopefully) the hopefully I can do some updating this evening. Keep your fingers crossed! Sorry for the hiatus!!!!

Update: Internet is still down. The guy came early and closed out the job so we are down for a few more days. But, we do know that it has something to do with our house. BUMMER! How did we survive before Al Gore invented the internet? (That was a joke! In more ways than one! Sorry Gore fans...)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Know, I Know...

We are still here...but we are back at work for our 2 weeks of prep and we are just so TIRED! We do have some fun pictures and stories...but they will have to wait. By the way...Katie has less than 1 month left in her 1s! Big Girl!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sweet Puppy

Berit has not made the blog as much since Katie came I wanted to share this sweet picture. This is our VERY tired little pup as we head back to Houston after our fun trip.

First Kiss

We spent an evening with our friends, the Blakers, while were in the Hill Country. Bailey and I played while Mommy and Daddy hung out with Shelly and Brandon. (Doesn't Bailey look just like his daddy?)

Bailey is one of my a kiss was ok with Mommy and Daddy...but not for much longer...I think they were getting a little nervous...

A Trip to Nana's Ranch

I had a great time visiting Nana for a few days. I helped her with this chocolate cake...well...I wouldn't call it helping. But, it sure was good!

My cousins, Ally (in the ballgown) and HayHay (Haley- the silly pants with her fingers behind my head), came to play with me for a couple days...we had FUN!

We had outside theater and watched one of my favorite movies...The Bee. Daddy set the projector up on the patio and we watched it on the side of the house. So fun!

Nana has the big old slide...I had so much fun going down and splashing in the water. I even went down brave!

So fun!

Just piggin' around at Nana's house. Mommy thinks I look so grown up here...and pretty darn cute too!

Just swimming and trying to be like the big girls...they wear goggles when they I thought I should try them out...what do you think?

In addition to swimming...HayHay and I love to swing together!

We had a fire on the patio and roasted some marshmallows...they were yummy!

And messy too!

A Day at the Bahn

As fun as the river was...we needed a little break. So, we headed to Schlitterbahn for a little fun and a rinse be completely honest! Mommy didn't get too many pictures because she had to lock the camera up in the locker so that we could play and splash...but here's what she got!

About to head down the slide...

SPLASH! It was faster than it looks!

My First Official Camping Trip

Mommy and Daddy figured that almost 2 is close enough for a REAL camping trip! So, we spent 3 full days and 3 nights roughing it on the Guadalupe River. It was fun...and I learned a lot about bugs and tents.

Here I am eating the eggs that Mommy cooked on the grill...and contemplating my day on the river...

Ahhh...the river feels GOOD! A little cold...but nice! By the way...please ignore my really ugly river shoes...they were all we could find.

Daddy took me tubing for the first time. I was probably the only sober person on a tube at this point in the river...we were very close to the last public river exit. Man...there was some good people watching from our perch!

A little art work to complement our site. By the way...Mommy was a ding dong and left my crayons out in the heat. They all melted together and formed one giant ugly color! Don't worry...she already bought me some new ones.

Mommy just likes this picture of me concentrating on my art...and my raggedy hair...this is true camping style!

Here I am just lounging at our site. We were checking out the stars and listening to the was nice!

Just spending some alone time throwing rocks and watching the river.

And...just so you can see is a picture of our tent. It is pretty big (9 man), but we were ready to pack it least our backs were ready!