Friday, December 22, 2006

Anna is so cool!

My cousin Anna came over for a little while today. Mimi stopped by too. It was so fun! I just love these people!

I had so much fun when Anna played with me! She gets around on those feet though...I can't wait to learn that trick!

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Light Night!

Mom and Dad decided that it would be fun to go look at Christmas lights. So, they dressed me up in my pj's...which included these cool slippers. I really just wanted to put them in my mouth! I didn't get to see any lights though...sleeping was much more fun!

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I did it!

I finally rolled over! December 21 was the big day!

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Rollin'...well, trying!

I am working really hard to roll over...darn arm gets in the way!

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The close-ups were MUCH better!

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Mom was trying to get some pics in front of the tree...they are ok...she just could not get it right!

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Santa's Helper

Mom thought it would be cute to put me in Santa's hat...this was just a dry run. The real thing will be coming check back!

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Monday, December 11, 2006

I am SITTING! Well, sort of!

I have been working really hard on my sitting (with help, of course.) I can even catch myself when I start to fall. Here I am sitting pretty!


And, back up again!

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Katie loves to lay on her changing table!

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Love Bugs

Hello bugs!

I see you up there!

I am going to get you! Stretch!

I will get you one of these days!

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Jumpin' Bean!

I am still learning how to use this toy. But, I am catching on fast. The first time I was in it I just spun in circles. But today I started to bounce a little. Fun!

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Go Astros! Who needs Pettitte Anyway!

I love my Astros wind suit! It is quite unusual for me to be happy in this seat!

Hiya, Andy Pettitte! You better move to NY soon...or I will have to karate chop you!

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Katie is 3 months old!

Katie is 3 months old today! She is working on turning over and all that fun stuff. And, just this past weekend she started grabbing her toys and wanting to put everything in her mouth. What a big girl! Even though they say she might be a little behind in development due to her preemie status...I just think she is right on schedule! And, she now needs a larger closet for all of her shoes. For those who know me...shocker, right?!?!? I have some great pictures of some of her new skills and I will be posting those soon!

Nicholas Ryan Estrada

Here he is! As promised, here are the latest pictures of Nicholas Ryan Estrada. (I did get parental permission to publish these!) I love his hair!