Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Katie's New Room

Katie has moved in to her new room. She is doing really well and loves being in there. I think it is mostly because a lot of her toys have been moved in there. The new room is like twice as big as her old room. We are not quite done with decorating...so pics will be up soon. All we have left to do is to hang a shelf or two, hang some pictures and do a couple of little touches. But, she is in there, loves it, and is even able to sleep in there even with the big change! Pics will be up soon!

A Day at the Rodeo

Blogger is driving me CRAZY! Please stop putting my pictures in random order for the love of everything!!! Ok...with that out of the way...Katie will tell you about her day at the rodeo.

Mommy and Daddy took me to the Rodeo to play and see a good show! I had so much fun! I was so ready to go because Mommy kept telling me that she had to work...even though it was Spring Break. Daddy explained that Mommy was "working" at the Rodeo...she volunteered out there 3 times during SB. So, I definitely had to go check it out...now I know why she does it!

Check me out with the panda bear that I won at the carnival! I love this panda!

Here I am posing in my Rodeo gear...check out my new boots. Mommy won a gift card (sort of) to Cavendar's...so they are nicer than my last pair. She would not normally spend that much $$ on boots that I will grow out of soon...but I am wearing the heck out of these boots. I wear them with my nightgowns, my shorts, my panties...anything!

I rode lots of rides...but all of the pictures are about the same. Me lovin' the heck out of going around and up in down in circles! So, here is the one example that Mommy is posting!

So, that panda that you saw earlier...here I am about to win it...NO! Daddy did not help...not much at least!

And, here is Mommy's favorite part of the day/night. We headed in to see the rodeo and concert and I loved all of it. I especially loved the fireworks and concert. I had the entire section in stitches as I sang and danced along with Gary Allan. I used my candy as a mic and jammed the ENTIRE show. I would not let my parents leave...even though Mommy was exhausted! Mommy and Daddy are convinced that I need to be in dance lessons SOON! Here is one of the pics that Mommy snapped of me jammin' out! Check out the serious singing face that I am sporting...I was actually singing something...no one knew exactly what...but I did!

St. Patty's at the Beach

We headed down to Surfside for the annual St. Patty's Weekend. The parade was a washout...but we weathered the rain and cold to throw some candy to the crazy people. Luckily, Monday turned out to be a beautiful day...so Katie got some time in at the beach.

The crazy little child even got in the water...it was COLD...but try to keep her out of the water.

Gringo kept Katie busy with bubbles...another one of her favorite things!

Here's Katie with some of her parade loot...

And, all bundled up for the yucky, cold parade. I made her a really cute t-shirt...too bad you can't see it!

Friday, March 13, 2009


***Less than one day until Spring Break starts! Woohoo!

***Less than 100 days until Brooklyn is born...check out the counter...it says 99 today! Down to double digits! Double Woohoo!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Big Update...

First...Katie is exactly 2 1/2 today, 3/11! She is getting to be such a big girl. I hate to say she is TOTALLY potty trained (don't want any jinxes), but she is about as close as it comes. She is about 99% with #1 and has gotten really good with #2 in the potty. In the last week alone she has really made her Mommy and Daddy proud! She is also talking so much and is so clear...we love having little conversations with her. Her imagination is crazy and she loves to cook us food in her kitchen, pretend to play with her Barbies and loves her baby dolls. Her all time faves are dancing, singing, drawing, swinging and reading books. She loves to sing along to the normal kid songs, and we even caught her singing along to Pat Green- Wave on Wave on the radio the other morning...it was so cute! There is just too much to put on the blog...I wish I could record it all for everyone to see and hear...but we are just a tad bit biased, I suppose! Her room will be done in the next week or so and we will be sure to post pictures and updates as to how the transition works out. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well!

Here's a picture of our 2.5 year old...big girl!

And, now to Brooklyn's update...I am now 25 weeks along (or so) and things are going great. We saw Dr. Rowe today and he couldn't be happier with how this pregnancy is coming along. She is a big girl who is an overachiever and a drama queen...what else could you ask for?!?!?! She is measuring on the larger side of the scale...yippee! She has also already started practicing the breathing process. Dr. Rowe says that babies don't usually start this until about 30 weeks...so she is way ahead of the curve. This is great...just in case she decides to make an early entrance like her big sis. She actually was doing a really great job with her practices...and had the professionals pretty impressed. She is pretty cute and was smiling and opening and closing her mouth...it looked like she was talking. She also kept putting her hands up in front of her face...I am sure she was telling us to leave her alone. We are excited that things are going well...her heart is looking great, her stomach is looking good and she has long legs and toes (from her Daddy, no doubt!)

Here's the first belly pic of this pregnancy. Yes...there is only one baby in there (I HATE that question)!

And, here are some new pics of the big girl...you will have to click on it to get them bigger. The first is of her hand...she is waving "HI!"...the second is of her semi-smiling face!

Till next time!

It's Hose Time!

If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, you are well aware of Katie's love for the hose. Well...it is finally that time again!

Here she is "eating" the water!

Sweet girl...she played for about 15 minutes and then came in shivering...so cute!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

My New Swings

Here I am putting my new swings together...I am such a big helper!

And the final product!

Done with the work...time to swing!

Putting the tools away...
Ok...the guys really did most of the work. Thanks to my uncles, my Daddy and my Gaga for helping assemble my new toy. Mommy is excited to have something to keep me busy!

Thank you to our friends, the Parkins, for being so generous and giving us this awesome swing set! It will get many, many hours of use in the months to come...come on Springtime!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Updates to Come

To say that we have been busy would be an understatement. Not much of it is photo-worthy...but we do have some new pics to come soon. My 8th graders took their Reading TAKS yesterday...so I have a little breathing time until my 7th graders have their Reading TAKS at the end of April. But, stress level has been high and I have been busy. We have been working on Katie's new room in our "free" time. So far, Daddy's sports memorabilia has been moved out into the hall (which looks pretty darn good) and our DVDs have a new home (throw away those cases and store in a softback CD case...what a room saver). Slowly but surely it is getting close. Katie also got her first swing set this weekend. One of our co-workers gave it to us since her daughters are getting older. It is a great starter set...and Katie loves it. I do have pics of that to come...soon I hope! My belly is getting BIG and Brooklyn is moving around like crazy. I have another high risk appt next week...so I will scan those pics if we get any good ones. Baseball season is in full effect and the games have been fun...but the bats have been cold. Here's hoping for a warm-up...and SOON! And lastly, Rodeo 2009 is here! Which has meant for Cookoff Friday night...and my first shift Saturday morning (7am-4pm)...made for a long weekend. But, one shift down...three to go! I think Katie will love the rodeo even more this year...look for pics of that it the coming weeks.

Countdown to Spring Break is under way: 9 days! Or, more importantly, 7 school days!!!