Monday, March 19, 2007

Princess Katie

My cousin Dani made this awesome crown for me this weekend. Isn't it cool? It is a PERFECT fit!

St. Patrick's Day

For St. Patrick's Day we went down to Diva and Gringo's beach house for the Surfside St. Patrick's Day Parade. It was so much fun! I was all greened up. Mommy forgot to get a good picture of the other shirt that I wore on Friday...but maybe once it is clean I can wear it again.

Here are Mommy and I waiting for the parade to pass by!

Look at my shamrock ears...they are so funny!

We had to hang my jumper downstairs because it wouldn't hold up in the house. The only problem is that my feet didn't reach...but it was so fun to swing around in circles!

All that St. Patrick's fun really wore me out. I played so hard that I lost a sock! This is what Mommy and Daddy looked like after a few green beers!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Rodeo, Part 2

Today we went to the Rodeo so Mommy could pick up her key to the Safety Building. While we were out there we hooked up with Mimi, Gaga, Austin, Jack and Dani. We had so much fun at the carnival! We stopped into one of the Committeeman's clubs for a little break (and some food!)
Austin helped to make my experience so much more satisfying!

Pool Party!

On my 6 month birthday we went to Diva and Gringo's house to swim. They heated the pool...and it felt goooood! I loved floating around and around and around!

Food makes me so sleepy!

There is nothing better than a good nap after a big meal...just wish it wasn't in the highchair!

Dave and Buster Girl!

Mommy, Daddy and I had so much fun at D&B's! We were celebrating the start of SPRING BREAK!!! (Even though they are sending me to school 3 days this week!) This game is easy!
Here we are...I love the lights at this joint!
Daddy, I can't quite reach the pedals...maybe you could get me that Mercedes next year.

More Fun Food Photos

Messy girl! Hmmm, these are interesting...
Peaches are so GOOOOD!

Monitor on the Move

They haven't come to pick up this DARN montior yet...but it has made the move to the front door. Do you think we are ready to see it go???

Jump or Sleep...Hmm!

I was so busy having fun in my jumper that I got pooped and decided to take a little nap...

And, I can never forget my trusty THUMB!

Ahhh, much better...rested and ready to play again!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Arrival!

The news is in! Isabella Grace Silva has made her grand entrance, today March 8, 2007! The proud parents are Shellie and Mark Silva...some of our very good friends. She weighed in at 6 pounds 9 ounces...perfect! I will be sure to post pictures as soon as I get some. I plan on visiting the new family next week while we are on Spring Break. I hope to get some good pics at that time.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bye, Bye, Bye!

We finally got the news we have been waiting many months to receive...Kaitlyn no longer has to wear her heart monitor! We have known for a while that she probably didn't need to be wearing the monitor...but the doctors wanted to be overly cautious. So, when Kaitlyn started rolling to her stomach in her sleep, we became very concerned about cords and tangling and all that jazz. It is rare that babies wear the monitors this long...but we are SURE now that her heart and breathing are normal. Woohoo! Kaitlyn had a very good nights sleep last cords, no sticky pads stuck to her chest, no loud ringing sound when she turned over...we all had a good nights sleep last night!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Eat it up!

I tried rice cereal for the first time this weekend. I REALLY like it! Mommy is going to have to get some more pictures, because these don't show how I love to suck on my thumb AS SOON AS Mommy puts the spoon in my mouth (well, the 3rd one kind of does...but this isn't even close to "messy"). This gets very messy...believe me! We will post some of those soon. And, fruits come later this that should make for some great photos for sure!

Nice Weather...Get me outside!!!

We spent much of the weekend outside...because it was so nice! It was a little windy, though, so my cheeks and nose got a little bit red.

Just Swingin'

Gaga got me this cool new swing...just a little gift because he was tired of Mommy saying she needed to get one for me. He is so sweet!

It also helps that I LOVE this swing! I know that I will spend many hours in this swing as the weather continues to improve!

Party Time!

With Stanford testing over and done with at Johnston was time for the teachers to PARTY! This time Ms. Sellin hosted the digs and it was so much fun! I got passed around so much that Mommy often lost me and didn't get too many pictures.

Here are those crazy teachers Ms. Peterson (Liz), Ms. Medina (Gail), Mr. Garner (Matt), and Mr. Lassell (Dave). Now I know why Mommy and Daddy come home acting all crazy every day!

Ms. Richie and Ms. Pinchback were so nice to me!


Here she is! I love this lady's music! Mommy and Daddy like her too!

More Rodeo

This rodeo stuff gets kind of boring!

But, when Reba came on...I was awake and wanting to DANCE! I loved the fireworks and the music!

At the Rodeo

I was so happy to be strollin' at the rodeo! This is my first time in this stroller...much easier for mom and dad to deal with than our much larger stroller!

Daddy and I had so much fun!

Boot shot!

Watchin' the steer wrestling!

This is fun!

Rodeo Girl!

Here I am all dolled up for the rodeo. I was the hit of the night! Move over Reba!