Monday, June 22, 2009


Katie loves her little sister....and Brooklyn is getting used to all of the noise and squeezes...

Posing with B's big bear!

Katie loves to hold Brooklyn on her shoulder...and Brooklyn loves the hugs!

Swimming Lessons

I have been working on my swimming skills. I am getting much better. Big tip: flippers really do help with the learning curve. The kicks are more productive, etc. I will wear them for a while...and then I am done.

Here I am swimming to my Daddy with no floaties...notice the head is actually above the water...I am getting that good!

And, the good ol' dead man's float...I am getting good.

And, just another jump of my favorite things to do.

Father's Day 2009

Father's Day was so fun! We hung out and went swimming at Diva and Gringo's house. Daddy worked with me on my swimming techniques...I am getting pretty good if you ask Mommy!

Here's Daddy with his girls! (Notice our "I Love Dad" shirts...Mommy is crazy like that!)

Here I am swimming with my Daddy!

I love it when Daddy throws me in the air...except when my floaties fly off...that only happened once!

And, here is Brooklyn lounging by the the shade...and cool!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Family is Home!

When Katie finally made it home after a fun filled weekend with Diva and Gringo...the house felt complete! Katie is in LOVE with her baby sister and wants to hold and love on her all of the time.

Here's Katie giving Ms. Brooklyn one of many kisses...

And, if Katie can't hold Brooklyn, she will settle for holding her hand...

Awww...they love each other!
Here's Brooklyn just chillin'...

And, getting our first bath at home...not a favorite activity at all!

Brookly is Here- 6/11/09

Brooklyn Taylor arrived at 1:21 pm on June 11! We are so excited to have her here! I will not get specific...but the labor was fairly easy and the delivery was not. But, after a little scare and a lot of hard work by the doctors, nurses and Mommy...she arrived and came around like a champ. She spent about 12 hours in NICU and then made her way to our room...where she stayed! We didn't want to let her out of our sights!

We had a few moments with her before the took her off for is our first partial family pic.

Please excuse Mommy's appearance...this delivery was ROUGH!

And, here I am showing off my weight...much bigger than my "big" sister!

And, Katie got to come visit Mommy after I was born...she was a little freaked about the IV...but she was willing to chill with Mommy on the other side of the bed, for a little while at least. Then, she caught wind that there were babies down the hall in the nursery and she was GONE!

Aust Reunion 2009- Surfside Beach

This year the Aust Family Reunion was moved from New Braunfels to Surfside Beach. Thank Goodness! Because that is the only way we were able to go! Mommy was due to have Brooklyn any day and the beach was the farthest we could travel. We stayed at Diva and Gringo's house while the rest of the family spread out amongst the Coastal Sisters' rentals. (By the way...Diva and Aunt Honey are the Coastal Sisters and can help you with your beach rental needs...they have quite a few VERY awesome houses for rent...I'm just sayin'!)

Here I am looking cute!

Here I am with one of "my girls", Carly. She and her sisters were so awesome and played with me so much during the weekend. Mommy is forever grateful! By the way...Mommy could not come down to the beach, so most of these pictures are taken with the big lens from the porch of the beach house. Thank Goodness for front row!

And, here we are taking a walk down the beach...that is the rest of my girls and their Mommy and Daddy...their Mommy is my Daddy's cousin, Fran.

These are the Aust sibs. My Gringo is right in the middle! They are (from left) Aunt Ann, Uncle Bubba (aka Wade), Uncle Gordo (aka Gordon), Gringo, Aunt Gail, Uncle Ric and Uncle Rodney...can you imagine having all of those brothers and sisters? Whew!

And, this is how I spent my last hours of the vacay...sleeping with my Godfather, Matt! I was TIRED!

That's all for the reunion...until next year....

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Reading with Mommy

I decided to hang out with Mommy and read one of her books instead of mine. I call this my "number book" because it has chapters...

Here we are enjoying our books...check out Mommy's HUGE tummy! (Well...don't look too is sort of scary!)

More Swimming

I know, I know...more pictures of Katie swimming. But, they are just so cute! We are working on getting her off of her need for floaties...but that could take until mid-summer or so...

Random Cuteness

Well...Katie was supposed to be painting the sidewalk with paint...but she had more fun painting the sidewalk, herself and everything else with dirt...

I walked in Katie's room to find her sitting in the infant seat...guess she felt that it was a good Sesame Street watching chair...Oh, and my shoes just make it that much better!

While folding all of the infant clothes, Katie found some of her favorite items. Never mind that they were for 3 month olds!

And, here is Katie enjoying her corn. She loves to eat it off of the cob...she thinks she is so big!

Bathtime with Daddy

Here is the fun stuff that happens when I get Daddy to give me a bath! Don't you love the hair?!?!