Monday, November 26, 2007

Pretty Bunny!

Katie was rocking her bunny jacket! It got cold before Mommy could get out and get a "less dressy" this was my warm coat until Anna very kindly loaned me her jacket from last year. Don't I look cute, though?

A Boy is Coming!

While the family was in town (especially Aunt Tammy and Uncle Jeff...the proud parents), we decided it was a good time to shower Tammy and Nicholas with love...and gifts!

Here is Aunt Tammy waiting to pounce on those gifts! (By the is Tamara to anyone who is not a niece or nephew...that includes my Mommy!)

Texas got Gigged

Here I am posing with my Daddy pre-Texas vs. A&M game...isn't this a cute picture?!?!

Hey Anna, what did you think of that game? I guess you loved it...well, not me!

This is my "what the heck happened" look...

This is Anna's "what did you expect?" look...

Well, the good thing about this game is that I got to hang with my Uncle Jeff who lives in Dallas. It was so good to see he and Aunt Tammy. I cannot wait until Nicholas comes in February so that we can go meet him and I no longer have to talk to him through Aunt Tammy's belly button!

Gobble, Gobble!

Flashback to my 1st I really hated that outfit! Just wanted to remind you of how TINY I was back then. And, I did not get to enjoy any tasty vittles...but this year...I munched on some serious food! You should have seen my full belly!

I really enjoyed my 2nd turkey day, especially these yummy cookies that Mommy made.

Chillin' at Mimi's house waiting for the food...

A little post-dinner play time with my cousins Dani and Anna...

Here's an early shot of my 1st black eye. I fell and hit my face during a fun play romp...but I bounced right back. Don't mind the knife in Jordy's hands...that was taken care of very shortly after this picture. Imagine mommies running and lots of no, no, no's.

Update SOON!

Ok, ok...the Thanksgiving update will be coming soon. Hopefully this evening. The pictures are downloaded from the camera and all we have to do is blog. But, we have been busy trying to get decorated for the holidays and clean out the garage all at the same time! Now that we are almost done with all of that fun...I can blog again. So, check back should be here!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Movie Mess!

Daddy was "watching" Katie in the office and checking email at the same time, while Mommy was doing some cooking. Katie decided to rearrange the dvds, to help out...of course!

Daddy was SO happy...let me tell you...

Hmmm...she decided to check out the horror section...not good for little babies!

Get me out of here! I have some Baby Einsteins in the other room...those are much more Katie Friendly!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

14 Months

Katie is 14 months old today and growing in every way with each day that passes. She is walking all over now and talks like crazy. She has 9 teeth...which she puts to use when she eats everything! Her personality is really starting to show and we realize each day how blessed we are to have her in our lives. Katie is super silly, funny, head strong, and smart. She loves to play with Bewi (Berit) and take baths at "ba ti" (bath time). She says bye-bye and blows kisses using a fist and a loud "mwa". She says outside, juice, milk, hi, and much more. I am especially happy to have her consistently walking because she can wear all of her pretty dresses. She used to get so frustrated when she would crawl up in her she doesn't have that problem!

Here is silly Katie playing with her diapers (Mommy says "no", so they are her new addition to the toilet paper in the bathroon!)

And, here is our Katie rooting on Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR) on her 14 month b-day...thanks for the shirt Great Uncle Ric...guess it worked...Jimmie will most likely win the championship after today's race!


Mommy and Daddy took too long to get the Diet Coke (and other stuff) out to the garage after a recent grocery store visit...and I took advantage of that!

Don't worry out there...the drink is not open. She hasn't learned that trick yet.

This is how Mommy and Daddy do it...what is so good about this?

I'm still getting nothing!!

She tried almost every can trying to get SOMETHING to come out...she eventually gave up and picked up her sippy cup. But, left this mess behind!

Driving...Britney Style!

I love my little car! I open the door, climb in, close the door, and reverse! But, it makes me very happy and Mommy and Daddy pull that sucker out all the time!

Here I am driving. This reminded my Mommy of a picture in People Magazine showing Britney Spears driving with her son on her lap...I was just trying it out.

And then, I realized that it was not the best my baby went in the back...where she should be. Guess I am smarter than some pop singer! Sorry Britney fans...she has just lost her way!

You are DRIVING me crazy!!!!! (Can you tell my goofy Mommy wrote that one!)

Off I go...and don't mind my baby under the wheel...she is just fine!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Season's End!

We are finally done with football and soccer! As much as we love to coach our sports...we are so ready to have some time at home. Scott's 7th grade football team ended the season 3-2-1, one game out of 1st place. The 8th grade team did not do so well. I don't even know what their record was. But, the good news is that the good 7th graders this year will be 8th graders next year! My soccer girls ended the season in 2nd place. We won our last game on Saturday against a team that we had lost to once and tied two other times. It was great to finally beat them...and we beat them 2-0! more middle school sports until the Spring when Scott starts coaching baseball. (They tried to rope him into basketball because our coach is very sick...but they were able to find another coach...much to our relief!) Thanks for enduring all our fun JMS updates!