Friday, February 19, 2010

Yet Another Update

Well, Brooklyn is 8 months old. I cannot believe that my baby is growing up so fast! She is "crawling" all over the place and loves to play with and steal from her sister. Katie is usually pretty good with it...but sometimes we have to intervene. She is eating like a champ...which you can tell when you try to pick her up...whew she is heavy! She finally has ONE tooth...will they ever come in? She waves hi and bye and even says "ha" while waving hello and "buh, buh" while waving goodbye. She definitely looks like her daddy, which makes him happy since Katie looks so much like me. We are often asked if she ever makes any sound or cries because she is so good when we are out in public. Well, of course she makes LOTS of fact, she loves to scream and yell when we are home. Not all crying...just screaming and letting us know that she is there. If Katie leaves the room she yells, if Mommy or Daddy leaves the room she yells, if she is hugry she know...just a reminder that she is there! She is such an angel...keep checking back because she is changing every day.

In other news, baseball season has begun. We went to our first game of the year yesterday and Katie loved it...of course. We had to stay for the entire game...even though Mommy was ready to go after the 3rd inning. One of the teachers at school snapped this picture of me and the girls...I don't have any pics of me and the I love this one. We will obviously go to many more there will be more stay tuned!