Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bath Time or Sleep Time?

After a LONG weekend of baby showering and benefitting, I was just so tired! I spent part of the day at day care and then the rest with Mimi and I just couldn't take it any more!

Mommy tried to wake me up for my bath, but I could not be bothered! But, she couldn't ship me off to Big and Tiny's house the next day all stinky and dirty, so she finished up and put me to bed!

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Benefit Fun

Daddy's family held a benefit in honor of his Aunt Rusty. For those who don't know, Aunt Rusty had a brain aneurysm last year and still needs quite a bit of physical therapy. So many people came out and gave, gave, gave! It was amazing...they raised more than $12,000 in one day!

The BBQ was great, and the people were so generous!

I had some Gringo time!

And, of course, some Matt time too!

I loved it when he stood in front of that big heater!

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Big Hands!

We did not realize how cold it would be at the benefit...so I let Katie borrow my gloves until Daddy got back from buying her some of her own. Poor thing was stuffed in the carrier.

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I love Aunt Ann!

This is my Daddy's Aunt Ann! I love her and her furry collar! But, she wouldn't let me eat it!

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Shellie's Shower...Not the Wet Kind!

Mommy's friend Shellie is carrying my soon-to-be friend, Isabella Grace (we think that is the name)! So, Mommy and I went to her shower and got to see all of her wonderful baby girl stuff! Be watching the blog because we will introduce the baby as soon as possible (early March)!

I like Shellie's tummy...I got to sit on my friend! I think she even kicked me!

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All Dressed Up!

Mommy was trying to get a good picture of my cute little outfit.

This is the best one!

This one is not very lady-like at all!

I just refused to smile...haha!

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Walk this way!

We put Katie in her walker to see if she liked it. And, she loved it!

Her little toes barely reach the ground, but a little bit longer and she will be on her way! Mommy has to move her to the hard wood floors first, this carpet is good for the bum...but way too difficult to maneuver in the walker!

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Bath Fun!

It is so tough for Ms. Katie to get comfortable in her bath tub. She likes to scoot down and splash her feet under the faucet, but it is just not very comfy! It will be so much better when she can sit up in her bath tub.

Mommy thinks it is uncomfortable, but I just think it is too much fun!
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Bugs, Part 2!

If you remember one of the previous posts...I have finally caught the bugs! I love to lay on my changing table and pull on the bugs. The bugs have friends that live on my carrier...I love to play with those too! Please try to ignore the interesting pjs my Mom put me in...it was one of those nights!

When I pull them and let go...they bounce around. It is so funny!

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Safety, what!?!

Mommy and Daddy got to go to the Rodeo Safety Committee appreciation party with Mimi, Gaga, Aunt Vickie, Tara and Susan thanks to GREAT Aunt Phyllis. Since Mommy writes this blog for us...she wanted to "rub it in" again that she made CAPTAIN this year! Not as cool as Gaga's 23 years...but good enough!

Never mind the crazy centerpiece on Mommy's head...who put all of those beer cans and empty cups in the picture. There were 7 people sitting at the table!

Daddy thinks it is funny to wear TWO hats! How did he get that to stay on there?

Mommy and Aunt Vickie sure are happy that Mommy won that cook book. Daddy was pretty happy too! Food!

Ok, Mom! It is not that cool! At least she won something!

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Drooling Angel

Our little Katie has been a drool machine lately.! Every once in a while you can feel a little tooth coming in...but it goes back in to hiding pretty frequently.

I can make bubbles!

And, you can see my growing bald spot if you look real close!

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Goofy Girl!

I am certainly a happyy little girl! Mommy loves to catch my smiles.

Check out the cheeks!

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Playing with my toys!

Diva and Gringo gave Mommy and Daddy a night off so that they could have a date night. So, I got to play with my special toys at their house. This little toy lights up and plays fun music! I love it!

Plus, I can always trust my favorite bouncer. And, this tasty shirt!

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