Monday, August 17, 2009

Brooklyn is 2 Months...School is Back and More!

Our BABY, Brooklyn, is 2 months old! Can you believe it?!?! She is such a sweet little girl! She is not quite as sleep prone as Katie was, but we love every bit of her, even at 2 am! She got quite a few shots at her appointment, but she took it like a champ. She only cried a bit and then she slept for like 12 hours straight! She weighs 10.6 lbs and is 22 inches...50% for both! She may not sleep like a champ...but she sure does EAT LIKE A CHAMP! She is extremely strong. She can hold her head up and can even sit in her Bumbo chair already. And, she even rolled over a couple of times...maybe it was an accident...but she is definitely a strong little girl! This first picture was taken on her first day of school! She loves her day care class and even has the same awesome teacher that Katie had. Thankfully Katie set a good precedent! The picture below shows off one of her cute little outfits...thanks Aunt Tammy and Uncle Jeff! And, it shows off her cute little spikes!

Daddy went to Dallas with the Uncles for a guys trip. We missed him dearly! Mommy was TIRED! So, we made him a welcome back cookie cake...with Halloween decorations and all! Well, Katie ate most of the decorations anyway...and part of the cookie...before he even got home! Mommy got proof!

Mommy thinks Katie looks so mature in this picture. This was on the way to school...notice the pretty dress and high tops! Damn that Hannah Montana! Now Katie thinks this look is acceptible for school!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Family Beach Trip

Scott, Katie, Brooklyn and I headed down to the beach for a long enjoy fun in the HOT sun! Diva and Gringo were not able to make we had the run of the beach house...they were definitely missed...but we still had an awesome time. I even got to catch up with a friend that I haven't seen in 13 fun!

Obviously, Brooklyn loved the beach! Isn't she the cutest little beach bunny?!?!?

Just posin' in my suit...

Here's our oldest beach bunny sporting her beads, of course...don't mind the sad look on her face. You will understand why she is a little freaked out by the time you get to the end of this post...a little stalker issue...

Brooklyn enjoyed napping on the beach...

Now you can see how she was so comfy...Daddy spoils his little girls!

We spent some time flying our kites. Katie flew her Sesame Street kite for what seemed like forever!

She even flew the kite while walking in the water...

Daddy had to help with the string a couple of times...but the kite flying continued...

This is the awesome Space Shuttle kite that Gringo bought. Daddy had to fly this one...but it is super cool!

Here are the kites hanging was an awesome day for flying kites!

Katie made a few friends during this trip. She had tons of fun with this little boy...just digging and playing in the water.

Katie just loves to hang out with any kid...sometimes we have to just say no!

We should have said no with this little girl. See how she is holding on to Katie...

She tried to drag her out into the water...OH I DON'T THINK SO CHILD!

Then, when Katie was back by us...she came and tried to drag her away again...WHO IS THIS CRAZY LITTLE GIRL?!?!? Notice Katie's freaked out face...poor baby. You better believe we saved her from this little stalker!

Just Some Cuties

This is pretty much how every day starts...Katie comes out and insists on holding Brooklyn for a few minutes...and then it's off to watch Sesame Street...a girl has her priorities!

Sweet kisses on the head!

Brooklyn is getting so big!

She loves to lay on her changing table and smile at something...we don't know what...but it makes her smile a lot!

Katie got this awesome doll bed from "Her Girls" (see previous reunion post) and it is perfect size for Brooklyn. She really did like sleeping here...too bad Katie wasn't too cool about it!

Astros Fans!

Both of our girls are Astros fans...they have no choice in the matter! So, even though Katie has been to quite a few games, Brooklyn was able to enjoy her first of many to come. She LOVED it! She loved all of the sounds and was like one big baby toy! She stayed awake the entire game...and fell asleep just before the Friday Night Fireworks began.

Isn't she too cute!?!?!

Here she is contemplating the call to put in Valverde...guess it all worked out...we won!

And, of course Katie loved the game and her water...with all of the choices we gave her...she chose water...WHEW!

Katie and Daddy checking out the awesome fireworks!

Katie loves this was her favorite part of the night!

My Little Animals!

Here are Katie and Brooklyn hangin' out with their animal friends...Brooklyn just blends right in like a little doll!

Sweet little Katie...she loves to spend time with Brooklyn giving hugs and kisses and holding her as much as we will allow...

My sweet little Brooklyn just hangin' out with the penguins and giraffes...

Diva got this wrap for Katie so that they can have girly time when Katie spends the night at their house....however, Katie would not leave without it. So, she has been keeping it busy at home until we return to Diva and Gringo's house and they hide it until we leave! She is such a GIRL!

Now, she may be a girl...but she is still working on her style. This is her favorite outfit...unmatched plaid and the upside down shirt. is upside down! And, don't worry...we have cut those horrible bangs...they are not in her eyes any more!