Sunday, March 07, 2010


Oh my it Rodeo time already!?!?!

Oh yes it is! We are so excited for Rodeo time! This was our first trip of the year. We saw Jason Aldean and Katie rode lots of rides. Tons of fun!!

Party time!

Yep, I loved it too. Loved the people, told almost everyone I saw "Hi!" and jammed to the music.

See you in a couple weeks Rodeo peeps! Well, Mommy will see you later this week when she works her last 2 shifts on Wednesday and Thursday!

Just Rollin'

Brooklyn loves to roll up in Katie's blanket. They are so cute when they roll together.

We love to play together!

So sweet!


Brooklyn had her first popsicle while we were enjoying the backyard...

Mmm...this is pretty good...

Oh yea...I like this...


It's GONE! NOOOOO!!!!!


The weather finally cleared up enough for us to get in the backyard...we have really missed our swings!


Hold on tight!

Man, I love being back outside...please let this weather stick around!

Date with Daddy!

Daddy and Katie headed to Sesame Street Live for a date a few weeks ago. Katie was so excited for weeks leading up to their date and was a model date when the event finally came. She dressed up in her special Sesame Street gear and made room for popcorn and cotton candy.

It's All About the Love!

Aren't we cute? We had a great time celebrating Valentine's Day with our friends at school and then with Mommy and Daddy at home. We love eachother so much!