Monday, November 27, 2006

Hook Em!

I was all smiles until the end of the game. Oh well, I love my burnt orange!

Dad and I love to watch the Horns!

I am even trying to Hook Em in this picture!

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Turkey Day!

Oh Mom, I hate when you dress me up like this!

Great Uncle John helped me get over that outfit.

Then he helped me get over that Winnie the Pooh outfit!

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Hanging out at Nanna's House

This big girl swing was fun!

Aunt Mity put me to work pulling weeds.

Ahhh! This is what I think about all of that hard work!

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First Trip to Main Street

I got all dolled up for my first trip to Main St. in Fredericksburg.

Dad acted as tour guide to his old stomping grounds.

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It was cold outside...I had to bundle up!

I hate this Winnie the Pooh outfit!

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Morning Fun in my Bouncer

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I love my cousins!

Hailey and Ally helped to make my stay in Fredericksburg so exciting!

Hailey helped me watch of her favorites.

And Ally loved to hold me all of the time!

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Me and My Buddy Bailey

We spent the day in Kerrville visiting Mom and Dad's friends, Brandon and Shelly. And, I got to hang out with my new friend Bailey.

Look how tall my friend is! He can see my bald spots!

Isn't Bailey cute! Plus, he loves to play.

He wore me out!

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Car Trip to Fredericksburg

The whole family made this trip...which includes Berit. Look close through the miror and you can see us both enjoying the ride.

Berit did not like when Mom got in back to feed me, she was JEALOUS!

Berit kept a close eye on me.

Not much room for such a big girl.

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I love to play with my floor toys!

Surfer Girl in the making!

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Renaissance Festival

Me and my Mommy at the Ren Fest!

I loved looking at all of those crazy people!

Andy and Dani had some fun, too!

It sure wiped me out!

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Me and My Hairy Sister, Berit!

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