Friday, September 18, 2009

Threes All Around!

On September 11th our Katie turned 3...and Brooklyn turned 3 awesome day! So, we had portraits was tough! Here a few of the good ones!

Sweet B...only got sleepy pics!

Love this cheesy Katie pic!

Sweet girl...

No words...

Katie's 3...

She is Rockin'!

Katie got some great stuff for her birthday. We got her a guitar, she got a keyboard, a microphone, drum and tons of other musical is what she wanted...

Here she is singin' some Hannah Montana...her favorite...oh, and blowing a birthday horn at the same time!

Here are some of her other instruments...just a few of the MANY!


The Cousins Were There

Mommy got a few pics of the cousins at Katie's party...

Here's sweet Anna!

Dani, Jack, Aunt Vickie and Brooklyn...

Dani was rockin'...

Sophia liked the cupcakes...

Such a happy girl!

Katie's Rock Star Party: She's 3!!!

Happy Birthday, Katie!

The ice cream sundaes ROCKED!!!!

She even picked out this "rock starish" outfit...she had to take off her pink high tops to jump in the bouncy house. I did not get too many pics of that fun!

The guitar pinata was a hit...candy, candy, candy!

Our Rock Star is 3!

Katie is 3 and all she wanted for her birthday were instruments. So, we got her a guitar...her number 1 pick. She is so smart...she even knows how to hold it and strum the strings.

Here she is just after opening her gift...

This is how she slept...

She is singing and playing a Hannah Montana song...

Doesn't she look so serious...too cute!

This is right after opening the guitar...she is in love!

Labor Day

We headed down to the beach for Labor Day...and it was it wore us all out! Check out our Bug with her movie...she wouldn't even let it go to fall asleep...Hannah Montana is just TOO interesting!

Not the best pic of Katie...but she was trying to get Brooklyn to laugh...and it worked...check out Little B!

Brooklyn and her Gringo...first beach pic for these two...sure to be many more!

So sweet!

Katie lost her Mermaid shades in the water...such a sad day...oh well, at least we have this pic as a memory!

Our Little Star

Here she is...our star in training...

Notice she is using the broom as her mic stand...

Just wait...her birthday is all about the instruments and music!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update Coming SOON!

Sorry for the time off...but I have been BUSY! A 3 month, 3 year, Labor Day, birthday party post will be coming soon...please check back!