Monday, August 30, 2010


Does anyone even look at this anymore? Well, I am going to keep posting! I was checking out my camera last night and realized that I have not posted a whole lot of fun Aust stuff! So, I will try to do that this week. The first week of school is down and out of the way so I might actually have time...maybe! So, if there is anyone out there...I will be posting soon! Plus, Katie's 4th birthday is coming that will have to be memorialized as well!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Night in Old Fred

We got lucky that they were celebrating Night in Old Fred while we were in is a German party...lots of awesome German / Polka music and even more BEER! We had a blast and the girls loved it!

Brook jammed out to some Polka...I am a convert for sure!

Just enjoying some tunes and watching the dancing...

Katie wanted to dance...but she just watched because those people were GOOD and Mommy and Daddy are not so good! (Note to viewers...please excuse the nasty nose in this pic if you zoom in...the allergies were serious in the Hill Country...many tissues were used in the process of this photo shoot!!!!)

Doing a little dancing of her own...showing off her new tutu...

I just love this pic of Katie...she is getting so big and so pretty...

Katie loved the slide...well, she rode all of the rides but she really loved the big slide.

Brooklyn's favorite ride was the swing...her first ride ever and she rode it 6 times. She cried when she had to get off. The girl running the ride said she had never had a child this young on the ride so she wasn't sure...but Brook proved her wrong!!!

Katie posing in front of the water wheel...gotta have some cultural shots!

The girls needed a little play time to run out the we had a break at the playground. Then they fell asleep and Mommy and Daddy got some music and beverage time!

A Day at the River

We spent a day at the river during our annual Fredericksburg vacation. It was a great day...and we now have yet another place that Katie can't stop talking about...SHE LOVED IT!!! (Warning: these pics are TOTALLY out of order...uggg!)

Here's a pic of Katie and her cousins looking at fish and other water creatures.

This kept them pretty busy...and they had so much fun...

Brooklyn kept busy eating mashed potatoes...what, you don't eat mashed potatoes at the river?!?!

Katie and Hailey played in the river until the sun went down.

I just like the lighting of this picture...

Just wading in the river. Katie is definitely a river rat!

Ham it up cheese head!!!

Chillin' by the river...eating Cheetos of course!

Brooklyn wished she could be out there with Katie...she is just not quite ready. Katie loved it though!

Daddy showing the girls how a day at the river is done...