Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day at the Rodeo

Well, we went out and spent an entire day at the rodeo. We got there early, so that the girls could enjoy the carnival and children's ag area. Then, while they napped in the stroller, we enjoyed some shopping. Lastly, we all rocked to KISS! Katie LOVED it all, especially the concert. Brooklyn enjoyed most of it...but was a little bored by KISS and fell asleep halfway through the concert.

The concert was much fun!

Rock Stars!!!

After the concert we had to use a few more tickets!

And, here is the HUGE slide that Katie LOVED! She did all 3 sizes of the Super Slide...this was the biggest and her favorite. She even put her hands up half way funny!

Hangin' out with the other animals in the Livestock Show!

Taking a little break with some ice cream...yummy!

I love her look of pure joy and excitement! She loves this ride...heck, she loves EVERY ride! She even tries to ride the big ones that she isn't tall enough for quite yet. We are in for some serious carnival fun in a couple of years!

Mommy and Daddy each took turns riding the roller coaster with Katie this year.!?

Brooklyn didn't want to ride on a she and Daddy took a rest on the benches...

Katie and I took a break while Brook and Daddy did the carousel...

Katie was a super big sis and rode the wiggly worm (baby ride according to Katie) with Brook...little sis is not quite the dare devil that her big sis is!

Katie rode each slide (there are 3 different levels of the super slide) the biggest was her favorite...that pic is somewhere else in this post.

Mommy took Brooklyn down the slide...not a great plan. Brook didn't like it too much and pretty much refused to ride anything else after this...oh well!

St. Patty's Parade at the Beach

As usual, we headed down to the beach to take part in the St. Patty's Parade. Katie rode in the SOBA (Save Our Beach Assoc.) float with Diva, Aunt Nikki and Gigi...while the rest of us watched and caught candy and beads. Brook had a great time!

Like the shirts I made for the girls? Baby Abigail got one too...but I did not get a pic :(

This is the float...they went by too fast for me to get a pic of Katie...she was up front.
Getting ready to start the parade...

Yummy...Brook was sampling the candy!

BEADS!!!!!!! She actually fell over because they were so heavy!

Go Texan Day

The girls got all dolled up for Go Texan Day...

Aren't we so cute?!? Cowgirls are awesome!

Super Berit

When she's not jumping fences and taking strolls around the neighborhood...Berit loves to check out what our neighbors have to offer...she loves cats and squirrels...


My amazing Brooklyn!


Just a few pics of my beautiful Katie!

Elmo Live

We had a fun family date night at Elmo Live. The girls LOVED it!

By the way, Brooklyn's favorite is actually Ernie...she likes Elmo, but Ernie is her main man!

Random Girls

We had a snow day from school...instead we got Katie did her first science experiment and made ice from water. She hypothesized that it would freeze and she was right! So smart! Hey, she is only 4!

Mmmm...Cheetos...and a messy girl in her messy playroom!


This girl is OUT!

Brooklyn loves her baby so much...we are constantly helping her unbuckle the stroller. She is a good mommy!

New Years Eve

We spent New Year's Eve celebrating Uncle Jeff's 40th birthday...FUN!

This is how Brook rolled at midnight! Hey, at least she made it!


Random Christmas

Ok, so I am not going to go all the way back and upload ALL of the Christmas here are a few random holiday pics...