Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Love to PAINT!

Katie has been BEGGING to paint for days. It finally dried up enough to go outside and do some about a happy child!

Such concentration...

Ummm...not too clean...

But VERY happy!

Katie kept begging me to take a picture of her making this face. Not sure what that is all about...but she was cracking me up. So, here it is!

A Day at School

It rained so hard Monday night into Tuesday morning that we were flooded in at the house. We were able to get out and get to school a little late...but we could not Katie to her school. So, Katie came and helped us teach the "big kids". She had so much fun. She hung out with some of her teacher friends and she even watched movies on Daddy's computer. Mommy only got to see her for 30 minutes during lunch. She had a big day and was asleep as soon as we got in the car to head home. The next day she asked to go back to Katie's she knows how we feel!

We only got pics of Katie watching a movie on Daddy's computer...she was otherwise occupied.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Hero

This is Katie and I have to brag on Daddy a little today! This morning (7:30) before students were supposed to be in the building....Daddy heard a girl yelling for help. Her friend was choking in the bathroom. So, Daddy ran into the restroom and performed the heimlich...he saved the little girl's life! She was choking on some candy! He was able to dislodge it and get her breathing again. Lesson 1: Don't eat candy that early in the morning. Lesson 2: Always take a friend with you (anywhere, especially the restroom!) Lesson 3: Pay attention when you are forced to sit through those life saving classes!

The girl is in Mommy's first class of today...obviously she had to leave to go to the doctor and get checked out. But, she came in to get her work...and told Mommy that my Daddy is her HERO! I couldn't agree more, Amanda! Way to go, Daddy! We know you were just doing what you have learned (that's what Daddy keeps saying when Mommy calls him a hero)...but some people are not willing to actually make it happen! Love you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Hunt

We invited the family over for a huge egg hunt on Easter afternoon. Many of Katie's cousins were able to come and hunt for over 200 eggs. Maybe too many...but we had fun! Luckily, the weather cleared up enough so that the eggs could be hidden outside.

Here's Katie finding some eggs...

And, Katie and Anna playing with the cascarones...what a mess!

Here's the crew that was able to make it...Poor Sophia was ready for a nap!
Let the search begin!

Can we search for the eggs already!

The Bunny Came!

Easter morning may have not been "beautiful" when it came to the weather...but we had a great time searching for eggs and reading our Children's Bible...

Here's our little egg hunter...

Oooo...the Bunny left me all of these goodies!?!?!?!

Check out my cool Princess Egg!

Now...this is FUN!

Dye Job!

Katie had so much fun coloring eggs...

Maybe a little more hands on than necessary...

Oooo...look at my princess egg! (that is what she called the pink ones)

Pretty eggs!

Easter Party

Katie had her Easter Party and Egg Hunt at school on Thursday. She had a blast! And, she even found the "golden" egg (it was actually silver)! She got a huge stuffed bunny for finding the special egg. She is definitely good at hunting!

Let's Go Astros!

We headed out to Opening Day last week...and had a blast! It was a little crazy...and quite crowded...but it was good to see another season begin...

Here is a very rare family pic. A very nice lady stopped and asked if we would like her to help us out...not the best picture...but it is better than nothing! I like how the stripes help make the belly look less huge...

Here's our little fan...

Roy may not have gotten his first win of the season...but we still love him!

Katie loved the popcorn and candy...she also loved checking out the train and yelling "Let's go Astros!"

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Brooklyn Update!

I went to Dr. Rowe yesterday for my 29 week check-up (random time...but I go every 4 weeks for ultrasounds and checks)...and everything was great. Brooklyn is actually on the bigger side of the scale. Measuring between 60%-70% on most of her measurements. She is more the size of a 30 weeker...which is great. Heart, brain, tummy and insides all look good. We even had some extra I got to see a 4-D picture of her. Her knee was up to her we couldn't print too many good 4-Ds. But, trust me...she is a cutie! She looks like Katie...but with Scott's nose. She also has chubby her Mommy and her sister. She has moved to heads down...which my ribs and lungs could have already told you from all of her kicking! The plan is to induce on or around June 11...if Dr. Miller is doing deliveries that day. I will check with her in 2 weeks and will have a better idea of the exact date. The 11th is good for me...because then I only have to remember that Katie is September and Brooklyn is June. But, we all know that Brooklyn could have her own we will see! I also have the Glucose testing done in 2 I am trying to be a good girl and eat healthy. But, Dr. Rowe wants me to gain at least 1 pound every week...I guess I can do that...Drs orders and all! More to come!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Welcome to My New Room!

We have finally finished my new big girl room. Check it out!

I love that my new room is so big that I can fit most of my toys in there. I spend so much time just playing in my room now. Makes me feel like such a big girl. Plus, my "couch" (futon) is a huge bonus...totally makes my room...I love it!

Andy's 40th Party

My Uncle Andy turned 40 last week...and we had a fun party to celebrate...complete with 40s (high school style) and a Mariachi band.

Here's Uncle Andy posing with some of our family and his big present...the Mariachi...

This music was so awesome!

I picniced with some of my cousins...Nick, Sophia, Dani and Anna...

And, I DANCED! It was so fun!

Here are my uncles acting silly...what Gangstas they are...hahahaha!

Katie's First Hair Cut

While Mommy has been keeping my hair in check for a while now...we decided to let some professionals take charge this time.

After a small bribe (Mommy said she would paint my nails!), I sat up like a big girl and let the scary man cut my hair.

Uhhh...are you sure you know what you are doing with those scissors? I was a big girl...and now my hair looks very nice. I lost some of my little curls...but they will come back, or so they say!