Saturday, May 26, 2007

School's Out For Summer...

At least until Summer School starts June 4. But, to celebrate the end of another year...we had a faculty party at Ms. Bandercan's house. It was very fun!

Kaitlyn got to relax a little...what do you think?

This is Grace...she is so fun! You should see her costume collection!

Lily and I helped to add some fun to this party...not that it was really necessary!

Here I am with Ms. Hutfless...she teaches 6th grade reading...woohoo!

Mr. Lassell is so fun!

Katie Bug...Lady Bug!

Mommy and Daddy call me "Bug", which is short for Katie Bug....get it, like a Lady Bug! (For those who haven't heard that nickname.) So, this outfit is perfect for me. Mommy loves the bug on my bootie! This is my Katie Bug outfit!

Yummy Popsicle

Mommy and Daddy gave me my first popsicle. And, I loved it! It felt good on my new little tooth and it was yummy!

Mommy took away the grape pop when I got down to the stick...and it was replaced with this green one. That made me very mad...until I realized that it was good too!


This is the exersaucer that Diva and Gringo have at their house for me...I love it! Mommy just loves this picture, so she wanted to throw it in.

Katie and Lily

My friend, Lily, and her parents came by the night after my surgery so that we could have some fun...but not have to deal with loud public places. We had so much fun...she even played on her tummy for a long time. She usually doesn't like that...maybe because I am a whole 3 months older she is picking up some tips!

This bear is funny!

Anything else to play with?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Ear Surgery Day

Today, May 18th, was ear surgery day. Mommy and Daddy were crazy with nerves...but not me! Here I am a few minutes before the surgery...

Here I am just after the surgery. I was sort of crabby...until they gave me some apple juice.

Then after juice...I was a happy girl...this is only 15 minutes after the surgery!

This is just under 2 hours after the surgery. At home, playing, and happy as can be!

The surgery went well and all seems fine. She had a little infection in each she will have drops and antibiotics for about 10 days. Otherwise, we should be well on our way to happy ears. And, hearing better will be a plus!

Mother's Day

Mommy got to relax on her first Mother's Day! We had fun swimming and playing...just what Mommy wanted!

I love to swim! Here I am during one of my few breaks...

I also gave Mommy and Daddy a hint of what career I am considering. Mommy only got a years use out of this book, but teaching was calling her so she is saving it for me...just in case! (Actually, I was eating this book...but don't tell Mommy or Daddy!)

Another Party!

Uncle Stinky Pete had a birthday...and I got to help him celebrate!

Here I am with Anna and Dani...they are so fun!

Anna even helped push me in her swing...she was so nice to share!

Then, I was so tired that Daddy and I had to take a nap. So comfy!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

8 Months!

I turned 8 months old yesterday, May 11! I am getting bigger and bigger every day...and I am certainly moving around on my own...except when I get stuck (see below)! This has been a very busy month. I still can't seem to kick my ear tubes it is. I also caught my first tummy bug...but that was short lived. I am just so happy and such a wonderful baby, if I do say so myself!

This is so not posed!

This is just too funny to be fake! Kaitlyn was playing near the recliner and was trying to get to one of her toys. We were wondering why she looked like she was crawling...but she just wasn't moving.

Well, this is why...

I swear, this is for real...Scott and I are not that mean! It didn't seem to bother her much though! (Mommy did leave Katie like this to go get her camera...that wasn't extremely nice. But, it does make for great pictures!)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Austin is 9!

My cousin Austin turns 9 on May 7 and we had so much fun at his party on Sunday! It was at a place called "Pump It Up". I couldn't do much yet...but I had fun watching all of the other kids jumping.

Here I am with Austin...

Austin and Aunt Vickie took me down the big slide...

It did not make me happy at all!

Here is the whole gang waiting for cake!

This was about all I could do at this party! But I had fun anyway!


Mommy and Daddy took me to my first crawfish party and it was fun. Here I am with my mommy...everyone jokes that all you have to do is put a camera in my face and I will smile. Well...

Another thing that makes me smile is when they give me these biter biscuits...they are yummy!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tubin'...and I don't mean the river!

The verdict is in and ear tubes are a must. Katie will be getting ear tubes on May 18th. We met with the ENT and had a hearing test. Because of the fluid in her ear she is not hearing very well. When they did the ear drum test she had basically zero vibration on her right ear drum. That is not good. It means that she is hearing things very muffled. Which means that her speech could be impaired if we do not get the tubes. She will keep them in for about 9 months and then we will see how she develops after that. The worst part is that because of the anesthesia she will not be able to eat after midnight before the surgery. Can you imagine not feeding a baby for over 2 hours after they wake up? It is going to be so hard! Not to mention having to sit there while she is getting all fixed up. But, I guess we have been through hard times with her this is just another one of those things!

Here are some cute pics from this evening...this is what makes all the hard times worth it!

Look Mommy, I am Reading!

This is the picture that every reading teacher loves...

Too bad the book is upside down! Oh well...can't get it all on the same day!

More Lessons

Berit is giving me advanced crawling lessons. I do the army crawl really well...see how Berit and I are doing synchronized dragging?

Yep, I am pretty good at this getting around thing.

Berit thinks if she lays on my hands that I won't pull her tail...nice trick!