Monday, December 07, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Well, it actually snowed here on December 4th. Unfortunately, we all had to go to work and school so we didn't get to play in it until late in the afternoon. It was seriously snowing around 2ish...SO COOL!

Of course Katie didn't care that it wasn't snowing big time when we got home. She had waited all day to play in it and that is what we did when we got home!

We even built a snowman with what snow was left....check out that big old snowman!

Here is what was left when we got home. Not too much, but it did get us feeling Christmasy...and it was still cold so the fireplace was burning!

Katie's Final Product

Here is what the tree looked like when Katie was done. Only a few bare spots. And, she FORCED me to take down the angel that ALWAYS adorns the top of the tree and put this star up there. I knew I should have gotten rid of that star...oh well...he loves it and knows that she had a big part in it. And, there are now candy canes hanging on the tree. All on the bottom and on like 4 branches...but they look very cute!

Tree Trimming

Katie helped me decorate the tree this year...she was such a big help! I only had to move a few after she went to bed...I mean 4 ornaments on one limb is a little much...but she did a great job!

She even got dressed up for the decorating....

Yep, let's put another one right there...great job!

Here she is trying out a new spot...what a big helper...

Proof that I did leave it her way for a while...not too long...but long enough to snap a couple of pics. Sorry...I am just to controlling to leave more than one ornament per cute!

Little Turkeys

We had a great Thanksgiving celebrating at Diva and Gringo's house. We then headed to the beach to hang out with Big and Tiny. No pics of the beach visit...Mommy was at the beginning of a bad cold and the camera never made it out of the bag...bum!

Here's Katie posing with her Ariel Barbie. It never left her side!

Daddy and our Little Turkey!

The girls in their matching shirts and bows...yes, I have become that Mom!

I had to make Katie's shirt. Mimi bought the cute turkey shirt for Brooklyn, so I got in touch with my creative side and made a matching shirt for Katie. Thank goodness for scrap material...each piece was a different type of material.

Our Cool Chicks!

Brooklyn is just chillin' in Katie's shades...she's so cool!

Cheese grin!

Brooklyn LOVES her Exercauser (or whatever)...she loves to dance to the music. She sways back and forth so forcefully that the thing tries to tip over...CRAZY GIRL!

A Trip to Dallas

Way back in November we headed to Dallas to celebrate Uncle Ric's 50th Birthday, Surprise Party style! It was very fun and we had a great time visiting with familiy.

Here's the happy birthday boy, Uncle Ric...who knew he had such musical talent!

Brittany and Dee kept little B company...

While Daddy and Gringo kept Katie all smiles...

Mommy often didn't know where her children were...but they were safe and sound with our awesome family...

Here's the little bed bugs hanging out in the hotel...Dallas was fun!

By the way, Katie thinks that all airplanes live in Dallas...not sure what that's all about!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

5 Months and Such...

Well...I am behind again. Brooklyn turned 5 months on the 11th of November and I still haven't updated. I have tons to add and will start that soon...I promise! Basically, Brooklyn is growing and doing all sorts of amazing things every day. She is rolling over, trying to sit up, and she scootches around her play mat. She loves to dance...seriously...she dances to music! She is super happy and loves her food. Her favorites are apples, pears, bananas and carrots. She will deal with peas...but it is much more work for all involved. I love every second of her life...she is such a loveable little rolly polly! She and Katie are best buds. Katie talks to her in the car and says things like "Hey girl, we are almost home." Or "Hey girl, you want me to dance for you?" Most things start with "Hey girl" or "Hey Brookly" (this is Katie's nick name for her) is too cute! If Katie is in the room, you can bet that Brooklyn is looking at her...and SMILING!

They are both such a blessing...I promise to add pictures soon. We have been busy!

Monday, November 02, 2009

It's Time to Trick or Treat

We headed to Peyton and Julie's house for the big festivities. There was lots of fun had by all.

Mommy had to add this pic of Brooklyn and Mimi...Mimi rarely makes blog appearances but she is such a fun Mimi that this one had to make the blog...

Katie and Anna were pumped up to get some candy...

They were so cute making sure to say "Trick or Treat" at all of the houses and leaving with big old "Thank you" messages. We are pretty sure most door bells got a double ringing!

Time to see what we got! Believe me...they got plenty of candy!

And, who can resist this next pic...Sophia is so sweet with babies...she just loves Brooklyn. And, Brooklyn loves Sophia...especially when she gives her big messy Cheeto kisses!

Happy Halloween

Here's our little Minnie Mouse! She just had to have this costume!

Here's Snow White, Grumpy the Dwarf and Minnie...

Snow White and Aunt Vickie...

The crew (minus Nick): Dani the candy corn witch, Anna aka Ariel, Austin the military dude, Katie, Jack the Mack Daddy, Brooklyn and Sophia the witch.

Two little ladies swinging before the big trick or treat festivities...

Halloween Day at School

Brooklyn and Kaitlyn had Halloween Day at school on Friday. Brooklyn wore her Halloween gear, while Katie wore her Hannah Montana outfit...there was no way I was letting her wear her real outfit on party day! Those kids are so messy with cake and candy!

Here's Brooklyn with the big witch!

Here's Katie striking a pose...

And the sisters...Brooklyn was done by this point!

Ren Fest

We had a blast at the Ren Fest this year. Actually, I think Katie had the most fun!

Here she is with Diva on the carousel...

And, with yet another face paint...

And, here she is with Gringo and her fairy wings...

And, here are Brooklyn and Aunt Nikki enjoying their first bottle together...


Katie and I had fun painting some pumpkins. Here is the little pumpkin that I did for the girls...

Katie loved painting the pumpkins...even though they mostly turned out brown and black.

And, these two little pumpkins were watching the UT game with their daddy...he loves those Horns!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Brooklyn- 4 Months

The picture update is below...but here are the stats!

Weight: just over 14 lbs- around 75%
Height: just over 24 inches- around 50%
Head: 25%

All in all...very normal and very PERFECT as we all know! She is dealing with some seriously yucky allergies which make her eyes swell and run...not fun! But, Mimi took her to the doctor today and she is going to be starting drops. We will see if it helps. At her appointment on Tuesday, she got some shots and stuff which made her very sleepy and grumpy on we had a Mommy / Daughter day at home...which was nice since she slept most of the day and I got some stuff done. (Much easier to clean out Katie's clothes when she is not around to cry when I put something away!)

As for what she is doing...she is rolling from tummy to back sometimes and working on the other way, she talks all the time and has discovered that her tongue makes noise, and we have begun eating rice cereal, which she sort of likes...we'll see how she likes fruits and veggies! I cannot believe she is already 4 months! Check back for more updates!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just to compare...

This is Katie at 4 months. In some ways they are alike...but I can really tell the difference when I compare the pics. Brooklyn has a little more Aust in her...Kaitlyn is more Wilhelm (my mom's side)...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brooklyn is 4 Months!

Here is our big 4 month old! She is just so happy!

Notice the drool ring around her shirt...she is working on some serious least we think!

Just hanging out with big sis...Brooklyn LOVES Katie and just stares at her and laughs all of the time.

Whoa...playing in my jump up is so much fun...and so tiring....

We go to the doctor for Brooklyn's 4 month check up this I will post her status after that appointment. But, she is a wonderful baby. She is so happy. She loves to eat and is getting better at sleeping. We had our first FULL night of sleep last night and it was nice! She has some allergies (at least we think), so her eyes are a little yucky and swollen...but so are ours! Can't wait to start her on some yummy food this month...those should be some fun pics! See ya!