Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spoon it Up!

Yet another food picture! Mommy and Daddy gave me the opportunity to practice my spoon skills. Here I am with one of my favs...refried beans! Don't worry about my tummy...not many beans made it that far. But, I sure had fun with this! And, Mommy and Daddy go to eat their chalupas!

This is really bad...but something about this picture reminds me of Hilter. The beans on the upper lip and the hand in the air...what a bad Mommy I am!

Monkey Girl!

I LOVE bananas! This will keep me busy for a while.


Mommy had to put up this baby gate to keep me out of the kitchen and Berit's food and water. Now, I am working on climbing this sucker! Actually, I have figured out that there is another door to the kitchen...haha!

Kemah Day!

I made my first trip to Kemah. Too bad the big roller coaster is still under construction. For those who don't know...Kemah is trying to be the next Atlantic City. They are building this HUGE wooden roller coaster. Mommy and Daddy cannot wait for it to be complete...they will be riding that bad boy for sure. (Sorry no is not done yet!)

My cousins Austin and Jack came to keep me company...and their cousins Cavan and Ambrose came along to make it even more fun!

What are you looking at Katie?

Oh, the big kids on the pharoah ride! If you look close you can see some of the big kids. (I think some random kid is stuck in there too.) They had so much fun riding the rides.

I rode my first ride! The carousel was a blast! Mommy made sure I didn't fall of the horse!

Yep, Daddy, this is fun!

Austin and Ambrose getting ready to fly high!

Cavan and Jack were getting ready to fly, too!

While the big kids were flying, I was walking with Aunt Vickie...pretty fun!

Of course... it rained! I love the water...even when it is raining on my sweet little head!

I love the rain!

Maybe I can catch it!

Rain is done...but fun is still in the plans.

Here I am with Mommy and Aunt Vickie...don't mind the rain hair.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Big 1-0!

I am 10 months old today! What a great age that is! I am cutting my 2 top teeth (which makes me a little testy at times), I pull up and walk around the table, the wall, the chairs, anything basically, I say Mama and Dada, I am working on a little more hair (sort of) and I am a wonderful little girl (at least that is what my family says!) I eat lots of stuff now and have the chewing thing down, especially when you put your finger in there. What a great summer it has been, because I get to stay home with my Mommy and Daddy (except on the one day a week that they ship me out to day care, something about them needing time to do stuff around the house). And, a big ears are finally clear, no more meds, I passed my hearing test, and I don't have to go back until January! It is just a great time around our house...I just wanted to update you all on my busy month.

Monday, July 09, 2007

My Green Friend

Shrek kept me company while Mommy and Daddy waited out the floods. There was no leaving WalMart (boy was that a bummer!) we just walked around. Shrek and I joked and was great fun!

Back in the Water Again!

If finally stayed dry so that I could swim on Sunday! Here I am posing on the water fall...

Yay for the pretty weather!

Just lounging by the pool!

Since I refused to wear my hat today, Mommy had to put sunscreen on my head...check out my cool spikey do!

My 1st Wedding

Here I am enjoying my time at Brandi and Brandon's wedding. (Brandi is daddy's cousin.) It was a nice outdoor wedding (thank goodness it didn't rain) and the reception was at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mike's house. It was so fun!

This is Brandi and her Daddy, John. If you look really close you can see her cute expression. Kind of nervous, excited and WOW all at the same time!

Brandi and I had a little dance at the reception...Brandon didn't let me keep her away for too long though!

So, I moved on to dancing with my Daddy!

Mommy was a bum and didn't get a great picture of the couple. So, here they are with the couple who caught the flowers and garter. Brandon is the one in the flowery shirt.

4th of July

It actually dried up for fireworks on the 4th of July (that's about it though)! Here I am sporting my 4th gear...thanks Great, Great Aunt Phyllis!

I got to enjoy my very first snow cone...cherry! Check out the red mouth and you also get a great view of my two bottom teeth...cheese!

Diva and Gringo invited us to watch fireworks at their church....and it was amazing! They even set up this comfy palet for me to relax on!

Mommy tried to catch me and the fireworks at the same time...I did not like that idea too much.

The fireworks were pretty cool...I just thought they were a little bit loud.

Uncle Brandon and Aunt Crazy Shelly stopped by on their way to the airport (they were heading to Miami, a cruise to the Bahamas, and Chris Stanton's wedding...BRATS!) Here I am with B...sadly they left Bailey with his Grandma...I will have to wait to see him in a couple weeks.

Tourists Again!

Since we were down at the bay, Mommy and Daddy decided to take me down to Galveston for a day of fun. (Luckily the rain stayed away for the afternoon!) We did the tourist stuff, even though they had done it a million times.

Here I am with Daddy...

And, here I am with Mommy...

Here I am eating some ice cream at the old candy chocolate for me yet!

Mommy and Daddy wanted seafood for I got a bottle and some mashed potatoes. Seafood is not on my menu just yet!

While Mommy and Daddy ate their yummy seafood I got to watch the water (my all time favorite thing to do) and watch the cruise ships pack up and leave. We all wished that we were on them!

Bay Fun

We celebrated the 4th a little early (the weekend before), with fireworks and fun with Mimi and Gaga at their bay house.

Here I am with Mimi and a pretty sunset.

Mimi and I played inside, away from the heat and mosquitos...I sure felt like I was left out a little bit!