Monday, July 20, 2009


We headed out to Kemah to rock the dock last Thursday and we all had a blast! Katie got to ride rides and play in the water...and Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy some great live music and a few cool beverages...and Brooklyn...well, she slept!

Here's our little pilot...she loves the planes!

And, the little Worm is doing her best job of sleeping! (She is exactly 5 weeks in this pic.)

Katie's first of many trips on the bird cage ferris wheel...

Can you find her...hint...she is the only kid on the ride! It was dead during the day...but by the time we left this place was PACKED!

Mommy and Katie hanging on the carousel. This one is is a double decker...

And, here's Katie enjoying the cool fountain...and I mean in temp! It was hot out there!


One last ride in the dark. Katie would ride the rides all day if we let her...too bad there are only a few she can ride at this point. She really wanted to ride the big wooden roller coaster...she tried to get us to let her ride it ALL DAY LONG...luckily she didn't reach the minimum height line and that was a good enough excuse!

Old Fred!

While we were visiting Nana's Ranch, we decided to spend a day in Fredericksburg...a tradition of course! Nana is actually about 15 miles outside of it is like "goin' to town"...something this big town girl doesn't know much about!

Here's Brooklyn at about 4 weeks. She is getting so big!

Daddy and his girls...

Mommy and her girls...

Katie and her baby sisser...

And, look how happy Brooklyn is to take this picture...LOVELY!

Swimming at Nana's Ranch

We headed to the Hill Country for a little r&r at Nana's house aka Nana's Ranch. It was so nice! It may have been WAY hot...but Katie got to play and swim with her cousins for a good part of the trip. Here she is splashing and playing!

And jumping...

This is fun!

And, here's Katie posing with her cousin, Haley. Ally was probably doing her big girl Mommy did not get her in the picture.

And, here is the view that Mommy enjoyed while she watched us playing in the relaxing!

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July at the bay house and had tons of fun with family! Katie and her cousins had fun playing in the pool and throwing water balloons...actually...the adults probably had just as much fun with the water balloons! And then we had an awesome fireworks show! We had one sparkler injury to the bottom of Katie's foot. (No comments about shoes...notice she is wearing them in the last picture...not sure what happened after that!) That injury is still there and is not healing very well...and it is 16 days later! We definitely hope it gets better is yucky!

Here's our little patriot on her first 4th!

And, Katie showing her spirit!

Yep...Brooklyn was not too happy to take this picture! Oh well!

And, here's Katie watching all of the fireworks with Anna. There were like 25 boats in the cove watching the was awesome!