Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Fun!

I have these two awesome trick or treat bags...and got no candy this year! That's ok because I got to hang out and give other kiddos candy, which was super fun. Mommy and Daddy said I can trick or treat next year.

Hey, this sucker is really empty! Bummer!

Mommy added this picture so you could see the pumpkin that I picked out at the pumpkin patch...isn't it BIG! No carving this sucker...this is transitioning from Halloween decoration to Thanksgiving decoration for sure!

Mimi and Gaga's Halloween Photo Op

This is last years picture...keep going to see the change! (This photo placed itself at would not move!!!)

We headed over to Mimi and Gaga's house for the annual cousin photo op. Here is the crew: Austin (Blade), Me (pirate maiden), Dani (Hannah Montana), Jack (ninja), and Anna (Dorothy). Such a difference from last year! We will have a new little cousin to add the mix next year...growing family!

Mmmm...this water tastes so much better out of this pumpkin cup!

Here is my uncle Stinky Pete smelling my stinky feet! Daddy and I thought it was pretty funny!

Here I am with Aunt dew rag was a little on the crazy side...I did not like it at all!

Halloween- School Costume

Mommy sent me to school in a totally different costume than my "actual" costume. I wonder why?!?! Could it be that I play like crazy at school and come home a little on the dirty side every day?!?! Whatever the reason...I got to dress up as Minnie Mouse for my school Halloween celebration. I actually wore the ears for about 2 minutes...but that was it. They stayed in my diaper bag all day long!

Here I am un-doing my shoes...I do this EVERY morning after Mommy gets them on...HA!

And, off go the ears!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cute Little Climber

Katie has turned into such a little climber. She has no fear. She loves to climb the bleachers at Daddy's football games, she loves to climb on top of her basket of books, she climbs out the window of her car, and more! She really loves to climb up on her learning chair and play with Berit. I didn't catch her in the act for these pics...but believe me...she climbed on that chair as soon as I put the camera down!

Please excuse Berit's tail end in this pic :)

Here I am climbing the stairs at Diva and Gringo's house...everyone got tired of trying to keep me away from them. I am pretty stubborn and do not give up too easily. So, I got to climb...with supervision, of course!

Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the pumpkin patch in Spring this weekend to find the perfect pumpkin. They had hay rides, tractor rides, ponies, big slides and more. But, I just wanted to look at pumpkins. Of course...I had to pose for some pictures. I was not being extremely cooperative because there was just too much going on...and there were too many pumpkins to look at!

I'm out of here! Gotta go get my pumpkin!

Pumpkin, pumpkins, pumpkins...which one do I want?

I really liked sitting on this pumpkin. I thought it was funny to rub my hiney on it...Mommy thought it was funny too!

Yep...still rubbing!

Well...they feel ripe...wait, what do I feel for?

Yep...this is the one! You will have to wait and see Halloween pics to see my final choice!

Saturday Morning Soccer

Mommy's soccer team has 2 Saturday games...and this weekend was the first. It was a little chilly, but we had fun! Here are the girls getting ready to start. (Mommy wants you to excuse her was cool and she was wearing her best "cold hiney coach" gear. Which is not too flattering to say the least!)

That would be Mommy with her hands on her head. The girls were playing great...but everyone was getting frustrated because the ball would not go in the net!!! (But, the other team wasn't having any better luck.) Mrs. Rogers is Mommy's co-coach. She is the other coach-looking lady in these pics!

This is what I got to do during the game...I got to play with my friend Lily! She is Coach Rogers' daughter (you have seen her before on the blog...I am sure.) We are best buds!

I love soccer! Daddy thought this was he bought me my own little will see pics of that another time. It is more my size than this big girl ball. (By the way...the score was 0-0 ...oh well, a tie is better than a loss!)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Renaissance Festival

We went to the Renaissance Festival this weekend. It was a beautiful weekend and we had a great time. The theme of the weekend was I wore my Halloween costume early...I am a pirate maiden! But, the "dew rag" makes me look more like a little Dutch girl, especially in front of the water wheel.

Ok, so I am not wearing shoes in this picture. It was all a part of the pose...but believe crazy Mommy put shoes on me as soon as this picture was over...

Um, do you think they had strollers and goldfish in the true Ren days? Who cares...I love 'em! is proof that Mommy put those Nikes on...they totally do not go with this outfit!

Here is my beautiful flower halo...I can't believe that Mommy was able to get a picture of this thing on my was off in a matter of seconds...where it will stay for EVER!!! Needless to say, I don't like it on my head too much!

Daddy and I played the duck pluck game...but I got mad when they took the ducks fun is that! I got NOTHING!!!

So, Daddy and I watched other people shoot arrows and stuff...I liked that!

Then Daddy threw looked kind of dangerous...but very fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ranch Style!

Diva introduced me to Ranch Dressing this weekend and I am IN LOVE!!! Mommy gave me a little salad with some dressing and I was in Ranch Heaven! I love to wear it too!

Hey Mom, these animal crackers also taste pretty good with a little Ranch Dressing...want one? (Mom's answer...NO!!!)

Scarecrow Fest

Mommy, Daddy and I headed out to the Scarecrow Festival to meet up with Diva, Gringo and some of their friends. We had a great time! I got to hang out with some animals at the petting zoo...which always makes me happy. Plus, it was a nice day and tons of fun!

Hey...let me in...I want to do some petting!

Diva helped to keep me on my feet...this hay is not so clean! he going to eat my shirt?

Thank you, Diva, this petting zoo was fun!

Holy Ghost Fun!

We went to the Holy Ghost Bazaar last weekend and I got to hang out with some friends. Plus, I got to hang out in my cool wagon ride!

Here I am hanging out with Alexine, Anna, Aunt Coolie and Dani. We had some seriously fun girl time!

Well, I guess we can all squeeze in here if we need to...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Girls Soccer is Kicking! (And other Sports Updates)

We had our first Minute Maid soccer game yesterday! The good girls, Johnston, played the poor sports, Jane Long...and we were the victors! 3-0! They had a darn good goalie, without which it could have been ugly. But, we will take the win. Unfortunately, the Jane Long girls are not very good sports and felt the need to use profanity and a little bit of bullying with our mild tempered, sweet, young JMS ladies. I was very proud of how our girls behaved and carried themselves. They made us coaches and our school very proud! Plus, we kicked butt! We play J. Long quite a few more we will see how it all goes. Wish us luck!

Also, if the 7th grade football boys win on Monday they will be Zone Champs! Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They have fought hard and are often considered the underdogs. So, this is a great opportunity for those guys. Unfortunately the 8th grade team lost last night due to some very un-sportsmanly behavior by B.C. Elmore. (High school boys on the team, rough play, etc.) The game is being reviewed and we will see. The only thing that we really care about is that our 2 players (QB and his backup) have a quick recovery. They were both injured pretty badly and will probably be out for some time. We pray that they will be ok and will make a quick come-back. Especially because that is all those boys want to play football.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Football, football, football!

I have definitely grown to love football. I love watching Daddy's boys play each Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday...but I really love to watch my Texans! Here I am sporting the top to my Texans cheerleader is a little big and will fit much better next season. But, the top works for now!

And, I have the comforts of Reliant Stadium right here in my house...a yummy turkey dog while I enjoy the game...who could ask for more!?!?

While Mom and Dad were hanging pictures, I was enjoying the game. I just wish they could have kept the noise down a little!!!

And, for those who are keeping up with the Johnston Grayhounds...7th graders are 3-0-1 (1 game to go) and 8th graders are 2-1 (4 games to go). Not too bad for a team with only 2 of which has never coached football. We are so proud of our guys!