Thursday, August 04, 2011

B&H 2- Bothers, Sisters and Cousins!

We headed down to Surfside for our annual B&H was awesome!

Fun in the surf, sand, and sun!

Here's the whole gang!

Some of the cousins clowning around...

Sisters in law...HOT without makeup!

Katie and Anna spent the entire day in the water...they had a blast.

Well...unless they were bugging Uncle Andy!

Or hugging...

Or posing...

But, this is mostly how Saturday was in the water!

Or, trying to fly a kite!

Katie and Sophia were shaking their booties!

I guess Dani snagged my camera...crazy child!

Brooklyn just lounging...

The Strauss Boys changing the world...or deciding who should get the next round!

Carter loved the beach...and loved scooting around in the sand.

Just a shot of the group

Cute girls hanging on the couch...such love!

Singing Happy Birthday to Aunt Coolie...

Hey, Brook!

Can't wait until next year! Watch out we come!

Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo with our cousin, Dani, last week. It was a blast! They have added cooling stations and have the usual A/C'd areas.

Here we are swimmin' with the fishes...

First take did not work so well...

Oh no...we got stuck in this root!

Get out, Katie!

The elephants are cool...but not as cool as Dani!

Finally found the giraffes...they are near the new African area...whew!

The girls loved this elephant! He (she?) was so cute, he kept running around cute!

Summer Vacay- 2011

We kept our travels within the state of TX this year. It all began with Mommy's training in San Antonio. We rode up and dropped her off and headed to Fredericksburg to spend a couple of days with Nana. We then picked Mommy up and spent some time doing fun stuff in SA. We went to Sea World, to El Mercado, ate lots of food swam at the awesome pool at our was great! We left SA and drove to Corpus Christi where we enjoyed lots of fun in the sun and a visit to Granny Ma and Daddy Pa's grave sites. We loved every second of it! Then, it was back to Fredericksburg to spend a couple of more days with Nana and pick up Berit. (Nana was super nice enough to keep her while we traveled!) We had a great time and found some new fun stuff to do around Kerrville. Oh no, we weren't done yet! We drove back through Houston and straight down to the bay house to spend the 4th of July with Mimi and Gaga. After more fun in the sun down there...we headed home for lots of laundry and from the trip are below. Whew!

Hooks Game at Whataburger Field

We had a great time at Whataburger Field watching the was great and also very kid friendly. We walked right up and a police officer handed us 4 free tickets...woohoo!
We stood in the outfield...which was perfect.

It was so cool...while we were standing out there Scott was approached to answer a question on the jumbo-tron. He answered the question correctly and won 2 tickets to another game.

Here he is on the big screen...

The stadium is awesome!

Katie hanging out with the Brook, of course

The girls were so patient and waited until the 5th inning to play on the playground...

And, they had fun!

Corpus Fun in the Sun

We had a few days of fun in the Corpus sun...every day was beautiful!

The girls loved the shark much junk to buy!

Modeling in our bikinis...

And goggles...

The beach by our hotel...

Padre Island...the girls had so much fun on their boogie boards!

And, playing in the sand was so much fun!

We sure had a blast...we LOVE the beach!

A Day at Sea World with Sesame Street Friends!

Our day started with Elmo and Cookie Monster stopping by our hotel for breakfast. The Omni in SA is so kid friendly...awesome!

When we got to Sea World...we got to see more of our SS friends!

Did you notice that Brook isn't in any of these pics? She was perfectly happy staying behind the camera, waving and saying hi from afar.

Waiting on the sea the shade!

Face is painted...

Chillin' with a little ice cream snack...which melted immediately.

Petting the dophins...

Watching the new Elmo show...

So fun!

The Shamu show was so crowded...but it has changed since last it was ok.

Brook as cooling down with her Shamu beverage...

It was a fun day! Also nice that we got in free since we are teachers...sometimes it has its perks!