Thursday, August 04, 2011

B&H 2- Bothers, Sisters and Cousins!

We headed down to Surfside for our annual B&H was awesome!

Fun in the surf, sand, and sun!

Here's the whole gang!

Some of the cousins clowning around...

Sisters in law...HOT without makeup!

Katie and Anna spent the entire day in the water...they had a blast.

Well...unless they were bugging Uncle Andy!

Or hugging...

Or posing...

But, this is mostly how Saturday was in the water!

Or, trying to fly a kite!

Katie and Sophia were shaking their booties!

I guess Dani snagged my camera...crazy child!

Brooklyn just lounging...

The Strauss Boys changing the world...or deciding who should get the next round!

Carter loved the beach...and loved scooting around in the sand.

Just a shot of the group

Cute girls hanging on the couch...such love!

Singing Happy Birthday to Aunt Coolie...

Hey, Brook!

Can't wait until next year! Watch out we come!

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