Thursday, August 04, 2011

Summer Vacay- 2011

We kept our travels within the state of TX this year. It all began with Mommy's training in San Antonio. We rode up and dropped her off and headed to Fredericksburg to spend a couple of days with Nana. We then picked Mommy up and spent some time doing fun stuff in SA. We went to Sea World, to El Mercado, ate lots of food swam at the awesome pool at our was great! We left SA and drove to Corpus Christi where we enjoyed lots of fun in the sun and a visit to Granny Ma and Daddy Pa's grave sites. We loved every second of it! Then, it was back to Fredericksburg to spend a couple of more days with Nana and pick up Berit. (Nana was super nice enough to keep her while we traveled!) We had a great time and found some new fun stuff to do around Kerrville. Oh no, we weren't done yet! We drove back through Houston and straight down to the bay house to spend the 4th of July with Mimi and Gaga. After more fun in the sun down there...we headed home for lots of laundry and from the trip are below. Whew!

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