Sunday, December 16, 2007


Mommy and Daddy took me to see Santa today. I was so excited...I can say "ho, ho" and "Santa." This first picture is of me waiting so patiently to see Santa. We had to wait an hour and a half and Mommy says that I was so good! I never even got impatient...I'm telling you, I wanted to see Santa. Mimi keeps singing some song about watching out, not crying or I am doing my best!

This is how I acted when they put me on Santa's lap and didn't let me have that toy thing they were using to bribe me into smiling! I like's that mean lady who was teasing me with that monkey puppet!

See...I do like Santa! This is the picture from our cd...the copy that we have printed out does not include that mean lady's head!

Because I was so good, Mommy and Daddy let me eat this cookie. This is what I call "no hands" eating! Yuck!


Fire Fly!

Katie loves to watch the fire (it has finally gotten cold enough to light one!) Here she is getting toasty!



Since it rained this weekend, we had to pull out this towel to wipe Berit's paws. When she comes in we tell her to "SIT!" After we wiped Berit's paws, Katie walked over and picked up the towel and started yelling "SIT, SIT, SIT!" She is such a smartie!

Here, Berit, I will wipe your paws...

And then I will play peek-a-boo with this nasty towel!

In case you were wondering....

Yes, Katie still sticks her tongue out all of the time.

Here, Katie is concentrating on fastening her shoe...such hard work!

And, here is Katie walking over her books...don't slip!

And, here we see the tongue again when she was playing with the wheel on her stroller.

Guess we got the next Michael Jordan...not such a bad thing I guess!

Shoe Girl

Katie loves playing with her shoes. She can even say "shoe" and "sock". So, when she brought these cute little shoes (yep, a matching pair) to me and wanted me to help her put them on...I thought she was so cute! What a stylin' little thing. Cute shoes, night shirt, and diaper...woah, she is such a trend setter!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

15 Months...WOW!

Just a quick update for Katie's 15 month mile stone (yesterday 12/11). She continues to amaze us and crack us up each day. Katie's vocabulary has expanded greatly in the past month. She now says tooth (for tooth brush), duck, quack, dog...and so much more. She loves to run around and be outside, which is great since it has been so hot here lately. And, as usual, she will eat almost anything. Which now includes chocolate (this is new and we try to stay away from it). There is way too much to write in a just have to see the growth to believe it. Thanks for hanging out and stay tuned for more fun!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mommy's Big 3-0 Bash!

Yep, Mommy is officially 30! And, Daddy put together a very nice party to help celebrate the big event.

Mommy and Daddy moved all of my toys out of the living room and into my room...which really confused me. In addition to my toys, they moved my high chair in there as well. So, I kept myself busy playing with my toys and hanging in my chair. At least I was out of Mommy and Daddy's hair.

Here are some of the peeps enjoying themselves outside..and you see correctly...that is Mommy's cousin Lauren hanging with the crowd. Mommy was so happy that Lauren and Tristan were able to make it all the way from CALIFORNIA!

Here are a few more people...

Unfortunately, Mommy did not take too many pictures because she was busy being the birthday girl. And, there were no pictures taken with Mommy included (picture bottom lip sticking out a little bit.) Oh can rest assured that Mommy had a great time and has great memories in her head.

I got all dolled up for Mommy's big party. I was not originally "invited" as it was supposed to be an "adults only" party. BUT...there were quite a few requests to keep me around (I know...these people can't get enough of me!), so Mommy and Daddy decided I could stay. Which meant a last minute wardrobe fitting. And, since it was very warm outside...we had to go for this pretty dress. (Thanks Big and Tiny.) Here I am posing before the party.

Here I am being a "lady" with my Aunt Vickie. This is how I felt about Mommy ignoring me all night. Something about trying to have fun and letting my grandparents, aunts, etc. take care of my needs. Whatever!

Aunt Vickie Stop! That tickles!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


The new furniture has arrived! Although Mommy and Daddy got it for eachother for Christmas, it was delivered on Mommy's birthday. So, she calls it her Birthmas present. Now that we have the new furniture, all Mommy can talk about is what pillows she should buy...and all of that kind of boring stuff. All I care about is how comfy it is and if I get to play on it. Which...I do...but Berit doesn't!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

We are ready...

for Christmas!!! Here is the first set of stockings that we have. These may be changing soon to make room for the furniture that is moving into this room. We got new furniture for our living room this, out with the ping pong table in the front room and in with our old furniture. Time to grow up...just kidding...the ping pong table is in the garage!

Here are our other stockings...we are so ready for Santa!!!!

And, here is the tree. I was brave and put some ornaments near the bottom...

...and here is Katie taking off with one of the ornaments. I was smart and put non-breakables on the lower branches. What fun is it if she doesn't get to enjoy as well? The temptation is too much for her! (Why do I always post pics with Katie running around in a t-shirt and diaper? Well, once we are home and the first diaper change with the pants we go!)

Such a helper!

Katie was helping Daddy rake leaves this weekend. Well...if you call eating dirt, leaves, sticks, etc. "helping". Everytime we walk in the house we have to listen to at least 30 seconds of Katie whining to go back outside (asiiiii...that's how we pronounce it around here!). So, we are trying to spend as much time outside as possible. We raked, decorated for Christmas and did everything we could think of. Katie was tired by then and we were allowed to go back inside.

"Here, you want some dirt, Mommy? It's good."