Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finally Updated!

After 14 days and 1 hour of no power...we are back to the real world! Friday evening was one of the best evenings that we have recent days. All of our family and most of our friends are now powered and life is getting back to normal. So, hopefully updates will come more frequently. Check out below for some of our recent activities. You might have to go to "Older Posts" at the bottom of the page to see it all!

Ft. Bend County Fair

We headed out to the Ft. Bend County Fair this weekend. It was great! Mommy and Daddy went to the fair for their first date 6 years we go every year. This year, my cousin, Dani, and Uncle Andy and Aunt Ne came with us. I love carnival it was awesome!

Here we are driving the cars...

And riding the carousel...

I started out on an osterich...

...but moved to a horsey!

And, here are Daddy and Uncle Andy enjoying the view from steady ground.

Dani got her face cool!

Here I am riding a pony...this was VERY short lived. Once the pony started moving...I chickened out. We got around the circle about 2 times before I bailed!

Whew...what a day!

More of What the Party Could Have Been!

Here I am hanging with the Elmo pinata...thanks for finding this gem, Gringo! By the way, the candy was not stuffed I get to eat on that without hitting my pal, Elmo.

Diva had these cookies made for the goody bags. They are so cute...and yummy too! By the way...we have tons of them since there were no goody bags.

I love those cookies!!!

Random...That is About All I Can Say

Since there was really nothing to do without power and time off from work and school for all of us...we had some really random moments. It was really nice to spend time with each other...with no tv in the background (unless we were running the generator). We had lots of fun!

Here's Katie sporting her shades and riding her horsey...

Mommy's shades are even cooler than mine!

Mommy and Daddy made this sandbox for was part of my birthday gift. This was a great source of fun during the powerless days!

Here we are having dinner on the patio...with our favorite guest...the generator. We made sure to turn that loud sucker off while we were outside. Plus, it gave our neighbors a little break from the racket!

Fun Times

One good thing that Ike did was allow us to hang out with family and neighbors. Here I am playing with my cousin, Anna.

Gaga even helped us to swing. WEEEE!

With no power...we were banished to Mimi's car to watch a dvd. Mommy imagines that we will have many more cousin meetings in the car as the years pass....SCARY!!!

After all of that playing...I was POOPED!

Cleanin' Up

After Ike left a path of destruction in our backyard...we had some cleaning up to do. Here I am helping Daddy out.

This is hard work!

Throw this up here...


Once the yard was was time to cool off with the hose...

Our Little Party

We couldn't let Ike ruin everything about Katie's birthday party. So, I made the cupcake cake anyway and we celebrated at Mimi and Gaga's house on Sunday after the storm. They had us all over to eat up the food from the it or it goes bad, right?

Here's the Elmo and Dorothy cupcake cake. Much better than last year's fish...if I do say so myself!

It was so hot that the icing started to melt before Katie could blow out the candles!

Happy 2nd Birthday my little baby girl!

This is the original birthday party outfit that I didn't get to wear. So, here I am posing with my Elmo vacuum...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Quicker Update (See below)

CenterPointless is now saying that we will be without until Sunday! Darn those power lines for falling down in our neighbor's yards! By the way...that would be SIXTEEN DAYS with no power. Let's just hope that it happens before then. By the way...please keep the following in your Mom and Richard (Mimi and Gaga), Peyton and Julie (Anna and Sophia), Bill and Darlene (Diva and Gringo), and us...we are still hoping and praying for POWER! Andy and Renee (and Dani), my Dad and Sandy (Big and Tiny), and Vickie and John (and Austin and Jack), and Nikki have all been blessed....NOW IT IS OUR TURN!!!!! We also have tons of friends and other family members who are still without. And, to our family and friends who have lost homes or parts of their homes (especially our Surfside and Bayou Vista peoples) we are praying really hard for you right now!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Quick Update

I have so much to post...but only have limited time on the internet. We are on day 11 without power. DAY ELEVEN!!!! The picture below depicts how we are all feeling. Kind of gets tough around here sometimes! We go back to school tomorrow, Wed., and the kids return on Thurs. It is going to be really tough to get back in the groove. Katie started back to school today. She would have gone earlier, but she had a horrible rash and then got croup. Not good timing on her part. No a/c and a fever...just miserable for Katie. But, she has been a champ (except for the pic below). I have tons to blog and will do so as soon as we get power. CenterPoint says it will be by Thursday evening...but we will see! By the way...that would be 13 days with no power...CRAZY!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike Update

Yep...we should have pictures from Katie's 2nd birthday party right here...but NO! Hurricane Ike changed those plans. No elmo cupcakes for most (we did get to celebrate on a limited basis) singing...just scary wind and trees. The Aust family is doing fine. No power and they don't expect it to be restored until after Monday, Sept. 22. That would be 10 days...but it could be more. So crazy! We are on day 6 and finally got a generator I am getting to update really quickly before shutting down for a couple of days. I will post pics when we get electricity or earlier if possible. Just wanted you to know that we are here and except for a REALLY nasty rash...Katie's 2nd birthday went alright. More later!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm 2!!!

Guess who turned 2 today? KATIE! I cannot believe my little baby is two! Using the potty, singing her ABCs, singing Happy Birthday to her self, drinking out of big girl cups (no lids here)...she is just so amazing! We had pictures at school today, so here are her two outfits. The first is her picture wear...the second is her birthday wear. Oh, and in the first picture she is saying "two" and holding up her two fingers...brilliant!

Here is my "Birthday Girl" shirt...thanks Berings!

Such a big girl!

We had a little cake for the birthday girl. Just the three of us. Kind of inconvenient to have Hurricane Ike interrupting our little party. The big 2 year old Elmo fiesta has been cancelled and we are "hunkering down" they say. Hurricane/Birthday Party will probably be photographed...but probably won't be too exciting (at least we hope!)

For those of you in the area...we are thinking of you and pray that everyone is safe. For those of you in the safe zones...please pray for is so much scarier to face these storms with Kaitlyn in our lives! We have not been ordered to we are staying put...which is what we were told to do. Luckily schools are cancelled tomorrow and we can be home taking care of our business. See you on the flip side!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Rest of the Beach Stuff

Hey, Mommy, like I told Daddy...that goes ON TOP OF YOUR HEAD!

Who is that beautiful little lady? I spend A LOT of time in front of these closet doors!

Here is the best gift of the weekend. Aunt Honey and Uncle Gordo gave me my first tea set. I had so much fun having tea parties. My first tea party was with Aunt Honey. Yummy!

Look at these manners!


Back to the Beach

We headed back to the beach to celebrate Daddy's birthday and the Labor Day holiday. Thank you to Gustav for staying the heck away! The waves were pretty awesome though!

I love to fill my bucket with water and then dump it down my tummy...I can do this all day long. Too bad someone else has to carry the heavy bucket up from the water!

Hey, Daddy, doesn't that go on top of your head?

Aunt Honey and Uncle Gordo gave me a few early birthday presents. I love all of them! You will see my favorite in the next post. But, thank you both for the cute bathing suit, the mini library, and the best one of all!

First August Beach Trip

We headed down to the beach to celebrate Gringo's birthday at the beginning of August. It was so much fun...and a great way to end our summer before heading back to school full time.

Here I am helping sing a song to Gringo...I even got to help blow out the candles.

Aunt Honey and Uncle Gordo have this cool jet ski...I had so much fun playing on this. Daddy would whip me around and around...kind of made Mommy nervous!

And, I even got to fly my Nemo kite. Don't I look so cool?!?!

Then, to top it all off, Keely helped give me the coolest mohawk EVER!