Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mylee Marie Estrada

One of Mommy's BFFs from college, Amy aka Miller, and her husband had their second baby yesterday. These crazy people actually wait until delivery to find out what kind of baby they are having! So, their second surprise (after their first, Nicholas born Dec. 5, 2006- Mommy just loves that they share a b-day) is a girl! Mylee Marie! She is a little thing...and from the pics that Mommy has seen...she is gorgeous! We can't wait to meet her! Congrats Estrada family! Oh, and thanks for picking another day that Mommy won't forget...Mylee shares my cousin Nicholas' birthday! Can't wait to see you guys and meet the newest legacy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nicholas' Weekend!

My cousin, Nicholas, had a big weekend this weekend! First, we celebrated his 1st birthday with a party on Saturday. His actual birthday is Monday, Feb. 23. Then, we celebrated his baptism on Sunday. No pics from the church...but plenty from his awesome birthday!

Here's the big boy eating his yummy Elmo cupcake! My kind of guy...ELMO!!!

Just a cute pic of the birthday boy!

Yummy Elmo cake...

Here I am pounding on the Elmo pinata. I didn't have a problem with it until he was ripped open and they put him in the trash. Then I got a little concerned...oh well...I loved the candy!

Pretty me...enjoying the party!

I Love the Beach!

For Valentine's Day we headed down to the beach for a relaxing weekend. Well, it was relaxing...but the weather was YUCKY!

Here I am hanging out with Gringo at the beach.

And, reading the Sunday paper...some great President's Day sales!

Dressing up like a street walker...I totally picked this outfit on my own...Mommy has some teaching to do...

And, on Valentine's Day there was a marathon on the beach. They turned around right in front of the house. Mommy considered offering cinnamon rolls and coffee...but the runners looked pretty intense. Not the best weather...and they were running a marathon on the beach...SAND?!?!?! Are these people crazy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Have a Name...and other stuff...

We saw Dr. Rowe today and got to see our wonderfully healthy little girl again! All blood work has come back good (no genetic issues) and she is right on if not a little big for her age. Her heart is perfect (thus far), her brain is developing as it should and all other parts are there and working...as far as we can tell. Katie went with us for the first time and was pretty excited to see her little sister. It was also the first time that Dr. Rowe got to meet her outside of my tummy. Katie loved him and gave him a big hug and "Thank You!" If not for Dr. Rowe and Dr. Miller...our babies would still be dreams...so it was pretty cool for us to see Katie connect with Dr. Rowe right away. Here's a picture of our little girl's profile. She is getting so big in there...almost weighs a pound! A big relief is that she has a normal umbilical cord...unlike her big sis. Obviously it did not hurt Katie...but it is one less stress for this pregnancy. We are just over 21 weeks...so she will be growing like a weed from this point on. I cannot wait to meet her in 17 weeks or so!!! So, now you might be asking..."What is the name already?" We have decided to name her Brooklyn Taylor Aust. We orignially had a more traditional name picked out...but once we saw our little girl...she just needed a sportier name. If you like/love the name...skip ahead and for those who do not like the name we have chosen...read on: I will ask that any negative comments be kept secret...or at least kept from us. We have already had some comments about the name we have chosen and quite honestly it is our decision and our decision only. That being said...we are very excited that she is healthy and is enjoying kicking me from the inside for the time being. Be sure to check back for further updates!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Elmo Pictures

As I posted below...we got to go to Elmo Green Thumb on Friday. It was FUN! We all had a blast...and Katie got to see her best Sesame Street buddies. She is still naming them all....to anyone who will listen: Elmo, Zoe, Big Bird, Oscar, Baby Bear, Telly, Cookie Monster, Abby...you get the drift. It is a LONG conversation!

Here's our little Elmo fan waiting patiently...

First real attempt at cotton candy. She sort of likes it...but doesn't like when it crystalizes...so Mommy ate the rest...someone had to!

It's starting!!!! Katie spent the first half on Daddy's lap...the second half dancing herself silly!

There they are!!!! The show was really great...and the music was fun!

lWe loved when they danced with flowers and butterflies!!!

Baseball is Here

Katie was pumped about baseball season starting. But, she was a little confused...she thought we were going to watch the Astros...not quite!

Here she is looking cute at the game...

And, here she is playing with Lily and Ms. Pat...so Mommy could watch SOME of the game...

And, here's Daddy checking out the action. Go Greyhounds...it is going to be a great season!

Elmo Fun!

Mommy and Daddy took me to see Elmo and my other Sesame Street friends this weekend. It was so fun! Mommy has some great pictures to share...but hasn't had time to download them yet. Cotton candy, popcorn, singing, dancing and Elmo...what a night! I can't wait to share my pictures with you...so check back soon.

Tonight is Daddy's first baseball game of the season...so Mommy will try to get the pictures up this evening. But, it might have to be tomorrow. And, there may be some baseball pics as well. Be sure to check back...we are having fun!!!! Plus...my baby "sisser" is getting pretty big...so Mommy's belly is out there! Maybe we will add a pic or two of that as well!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

Katie decided to help me cook dinner the other night. Here she is opening a box of pasta...with a can opener...hmmmm...

And, making coffee with a fork...hmmmm....

Ah, yes! Open the box with your hands...good start! I knew she would figure it out!

Super Bowl Fun

We invited our family over to watch the Super Bowl last weekend. Although not every one was able to make it...we still had a great time! Here's a pic of Daddy, Uncle Eric, Uncle Andy, and Big prior to the start of the game.

Here I am spending some quality time eating candy with Anna...

Hey there cuties!

I picked this outfit out all by myself. The dress, the silver shoes and I even insisted on having pig tails! Sort of fancy for the Super Bowl...but a lady has to make a good impression!

Little Chef

Katie loves to wear this "dress". Don't think she knows exactly what it is...but she sure loves to sport her cooking gear. Here's Katie doing some serious work with her utensils.

Gotta take a break to do a little puzzle putting together...

Yummy indeed!

Playin' in the Sand

It was such a nice weekend. I was finally able to get out and play in my sandbox.

I love it in here!!!