Thursday, October 23, 2008

The State Fair of TX

We headed to Dallas to visit Uncle Jeff, Aunt Tamara and Nick...we also got to have tons of fun at the State Fair. Thanks to all of my aunts, uncles and cousins who helped to make this a really fun weekend. By the way...Mommy didn't get any good pics of Nick or Sophia...because they were either sleeping or just hanging out in strollers or the Bjorn...but they were there and seemed to have fun too.

Just a couple of monkeys hangin' around!

Here I am picking out a stuffed animal with Daddy...

This was a fun ride...gotta love the General Lee!

Scary snake boat...but I loved it!

I rode this big girl ride all by myself! It went round and round...I loved it! Look at me holding on...

Anna (if you can't tell, that is her behind me) and I rode these was so much fun!

And, here I am with my orange monkey. Let me just say...if it wasn't for this monkey, Mommy and Daddy would not have found me when I ran off into the crowd. Talk about freaking them out!

This canoe ride was so cool. We went around this tube thing and even went down a slope into a big splash!


This is the awesome tropical table that Katie got for her birthday from Diva and Gringo. She loves the bird! It is perfect in her tropical room!

The other day I walked into Katie's room to find her wearing Scott's socks (from the clean laundry pile) She had put them on all by herself and walked into her room to hang out. So funny!

She wore them forever...I think they finally got itchy, so we took them off. But, she couldn't do that on her own...they were too long!

HGB '08

We headed out to the Holy Ghost of our annual traditions. Man, this bazaar has changed. It seems to get smaller and smaller every year. But, they did have a few "rides", so there was at least something for the kids to do. By the way, Austin and Jack were there running around...but they were too busy being big boys to hang out with us cool chicks.

This ride was interesting. It started out totally fun...but in the middle of our ride the chain came off and the ride stopped. So, the high school boys manning the ride finished our time by pushing us around the circle. We were never in danger...but there is only one word to describe this experience...GHETTO!

Then we were off to the tractor wagon ride. That was fun! No incidences here!

Here I am hanging out with my girls (Dani and Anna)...sorry about the closed was the best we could get!

It's That Time Again

Well, the JMS football season is almost over...and I am just now blogging about it...but better late than never. Scott is the head coach of the 7th grade team and the assistant coach for the 8th grade team. That being said...the 7th grade team is 4-0, the 8th grade team 2-2...way to go Greyhounds! We will know next week if we are able to beat our big rivals...Welch. If that is done...Scott's boys will win the elusive Zone Championship...I will keep you posted!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Get Ready

I will be posting over the next few evenings...we have been having some fun. We just got back from Dallas and the State Fair of was FUN! Scott has been busy with football...and Katie has been acting in her silly ways...there is lots to blog and I promise to catch up this week.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet Nick!

Little punkin!!!!

Poor little Nick rarely makes the blog! He is our nephew that lives in Dallas (with Jeff and Tamara, of course.) Unfortunately, we don't get to see him as often as the other nieces and nephews (not including our Kerrville nieces, Haley and Ally, of course). But, Tamara sent us some REALLY cute pics the other day and I just had to share these sweet cheeks!

We are heading to Dallas next weekend for the State I will have more cousin pics to share...but this is just too cute! Look at this sweet face!