Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on the Girls

Hey guys...Katie here...I am certainly growing up and becoming my own little person. Can you believe that I am 3 1/2? Geez...I feel old! I am still loving school and playing with my friends. I also have an amazing new teacher, Keysha, who is a great teacher. I am learning so much and surprise Mom and Dad with my brains every day. I really want to start doing some fun activities. I am thinking gymnastics or soccer...not quite decided. I really want to ice skate...but that is just not reasonable right now. Maybe over the summer (I hope)! I went ice skating for the first time while we were in Fredericksburg, but the pics are on Mom's new video camera and we have downloaded that yet....we will add them when she gets herself in gear! I still love my little sister tons and am having more fun with her now that she can play back. Well, I am off to play with my Barbies or do some art...check back soon!

I guess it's my turn. Brooklyn here and I am so excited to finally be able to update you guys (Mommy can be so busy some times!) I am 7 1/2 months and am growing up so big (at least that is what everyone says). I am working on crawling...but don't worry, I can get around. I scootch and move and roll...but actual crawling is not far off. I am so is just easier to army crawl at this point. I have at least one tooth that is trying to come out...but no such luck yet! Besides some yucky ear infections and a couple of colds, I am doing good. Believe me...they tell me my weight has not been bothered! I am tall and I think I will be ok! I love school and my new teacher Ms. Martha, she has even introduced me to grits and real I love those breakfast foods! Well, I am pretty much right on track (or way ahead if you ask Mommy and Daddy) check back, I am off to play and try to chase my doggy, Berit!

Sorry Horns!

Aunt Nikki gave me this shirt...and this was how I felt at the end of the game...sorry Longhorn fans!

Here's a cuter pic...

The Christmas Fun Continues

After our Houston Christmas, we headed to Fredericksburg to celebrate Christmas and New Year with Nana and our other Hill Country family and friends.

Here we are opening our awesome gifts...

It even snowed while were there. I (Katie) was a little sick with an ear infection, so I slept through the actual snow. I went out to play in what was left after the rain and sleet...but I still had fun!

If you can see, this is the pic of the actual snow. It snowed pretty hard and it was beautiful!

Santa Came!

Katie slept in her new sleeping bag...on the floor...waiting for Santa...

And, he came! Here she is with the Princess dress and her new camera.

Wait...didn't I ask for a Princess bike too? Maybe I wasn't quite good enough...

But, Brooklyn was pretty good...she got some rockin' baby toys!

Oh baby...I was good enough!

What and awesome Christmas we had! Christmas Eve at Mimi and Gaga's house, Diva and Gringo came by to help open gifts, Tiny and Big came by too, we stopped by Mimi's again, went to lunch and Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mike's and then ended the day at Big and Tiny's for more Christmas fun! Whew...what a day! And, we weren't done yet!

Christmas Eve

We got all dressed up for Christmas Eve...aren't we cute?!?!

Here are the cousins on Mommy's side...there are eight of us...and I am pretty sure there is at least one more to come...just not from Mommy!

Working Up to Christmas

We were so excited for Christmas this year! Here's Brooklyn getting in the spirit!

The wait to see Santa wasn't so bad...but we were VERY ready by the time we got to him. Katie told him she wanted a Princess bike and a Princess dress. (Guess what...she got both...what a good girl!)

Brooklyn was sporting her Rudolph shoes (they even play music)...

I can't wait to see the big guy!

It was worth the wait...both girls were awesome and gave great smiles. And, as we said earlier...Katie told him what she wanted and was a perfect little sweetie!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I know...I know

I know, I need to is coming. I just downloaded a whole bunch of pics...and it will be up soon. I have just been VERY busy. Our 7 month old BABY is growing so fast. She is all but crawling and can do a good scootch on her belly. And, Katie is as crazy as ever...just check back soon...I promise!