Monday, April 30, 2007

8th Grade Dance Continued

One of the teachers who took pictures was nice enough to share. So, I thought I would share a couple pictures of the kiddos dancing. Yes, they are line dancing...I guess it is cool again. Not cool enough for me to join in...but they all had so much fun! The little girl in the first picture on the far right (black dress with white vertical beading) is Katie. She was responsible for going to the administration and convincing them to give this dance a try. I had her last year and was glad to have a little Katie of my own.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Couple More

Here is a pic of the family. Not a great picture...but it is a rarity! After this picture Mommy realized that she needs to kick her diet and exercise goals into high gear! For those who saw the goals...just imagine them in a more pronounced area of the fridge. Like covering the freezer (ice cream and such), covering the dairy drawer (cheese...yummy), and all over the teacher's lounge. Those teachers LOVE their junk food!

Mommy likes this pic and forgot to add it below.

Baptism Fun

We had a little gathering at our house after the church service. Here are some fun pics.

This is me and my cousins, Austin, Dani, Anna and Jack.

And, here I am communicating my frustrations with Nana, Anna and Dani.

Here are Anna and Dani.

And, here I am with Aunt Vickie, Austin and Jack.

This is my Uncle Jeff. And, no he is not giving me beer. This bottle was empty, but the ridges on the top feel so good on my gums. Just to clarify...there was no beer consumed by any minors at this party!

Kaitlyn Faith was Baptised

Here is Katie's yummy cake!
Kaitlyn was an absolute doll during her baptism. Rev. Hume took her out to introduce her to the congregation and she was such a ham! She was basically captivating her "audience" and was a perfect angel. Her bottle was waiting and she knew that once her "performance" was over that she would be greatly rewarded.

Here she is with the beautiful blanket that Grandma Greiner had made for her. It is so pretty!

Here is Ms. Katie with her Godmother (and aunt) Vickie.

And, here are Katie and Matt, her Godfather!

Eighth Grade Dance!

Scott and I had the wonderful pleasure to chaperone the 8th grade dance on Friday night at Johnston M. S. I wish that I had some pictures...but I didn't take my job was to chaperone, not have fun taking pictures. But, it was a lot of fun and the students were so wonderful and thankful. JMS has not allowed the students to have dances for over 10 years. Isn't that crazy? Well, they showed us that they all deserve another chance. It's great to see our students in a different light and interacting with eachother. It reminded me of our 8th grade dance. I tried to track down a picture...but I think they must be in a box in the garage or attic. But it also reminded me that it has been A LONG time since our 8th grade dance and we are OLD! Well, it made me feel old...I don't think we are that old...yet! But it was fun and I thought I would share. JMS gets a bad rap sometimes (I am not sure has some of the best teachers in Houston and the students are so smart and talented) and the students certainly deserve tons of respect after Friday!

Bath Time!

Here is yet another post about how much I LOVE bath time! Ok, Mom, they get it! But, Mommy just couldn't resist how happy I am when I spend like 45 minutes in the tub.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Katie's cousin, Anna, debuted in her first school performance. She was a sheep (lamb, maybe) in a Noah's Arc show. Isn't she cute!

Here is wonderful as he is...he scared the animal right out of some of his performers!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Check out the slide show on the sidebar. (Thanks Byman Blog!) Had to change the template a little, but life is full of change! (Deep, huh?)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Grin and Berit!


Berit is giving me pointers on how to crawl.

She is also licking the leftover squash off of my hand!

Mommy just had to add this one because it looks quite scary. If you know Berit, you know that she is so timid and shy. She does not bite and usually looks pretty sweet and scared. But, Mommy must have shot this one just at the right time. It is scary though! I was completely safe at all times!

Just Keepin' Up With the News

So much to buy at little opportunity to use it...yet.

Hmm..these shoes look nice...

Maybe I will just eat them!

Photo Shoot

Mommy's friend from work, Mrs. Cooper, brought this shirt and pair of socks all the way back from Spain...just for me! So, Mommy decided to snap some pics for a thank you note.

I love these shoes so much that I took them off in the car and ate them...until Mommy caught on!

Mommy loves this picture! See the toys around my arms...they fall up there when I am playing and I get SOOO frustrated when I can't get them off. I just move on to the next toy. They will stay there until I get so frustrated that I yell for someone to help!

Bay Time

After a long TAKS week for Mommy and Daddy...they had a party for the faculty at our house. I had lots of fun and got to play with my friends Wyatt and Lily. But, Mommy was so busy unwinding that she didn't get a chance to take pictures. Bum Lady! But, to unwind from the post-TAKS party, we headed down to Mimi and Gaga's bay house. I was a wonderful baby (as usual) and we had no choice but to relax and enjoy the beautiful weekend.

Here I am in my walker...I wish you could see my "bay hair" a little better. With all of the humidity and wind it was sticking straight up! It was funny!

Mommy and Daddy were in such a hurry to get out of town that we left without A LOT of bed (big one), my medicine (what?!?!), and my bibs! When eating carrots a bib is a MUST. So, Mimi improvised and gave me this towel bandana type device. It worked! Thanks Mom! (I am learning sarcasm early)

Yep, the jumper made the trip. Forget the bed...don't forget the jumper!

Monday, April 16, 2007

From Ear to Eternity!

Well, Kaitlyn's ear woes continue! She started running a fever Saturday afternoon...and she was a super grouch all weekend! We knew that she must not feel good because she is such a joy to be around most days. She refused to be put down and wanted to cuddle and sleep all weekend. Then I saw the dreaded fluid running out of her ear and knew that she should probably see the dr. today. As was expected, her eardrum has burst and she is now on the healing end of it all. At least the pressure is subsided and her pain is extremely reduced. And, we are now back on antibiotics and drops. The fever is gone and she is smiling again! Hopefully it all heals up and we will be back in business by the end of the week. Like TAKS week for a reading and special ed teacher in middle school isn't hard enough?!?! Can anyone say "ear tubes"?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Mr. Handsome...WHAT?!?!?

Maybe it is the fact that it is Friday the 13th...or maybe this woman was just crazy...or BLIND...whatever it was it made my Mommy feel kind of confused. Maybe you can help...let us know what you think.

Here's the story...We stopped by Lowe's on our way home today and were checking out when we were approached by a manager. She was talking to me (Katie) when all of a sudden she called me Mr. Handsome! She then said that I must know my name...because I smiled when she called me Mr. Handsome...what!!! I was laughing at her craziness! Oh man, I am just a little hot under the PINK collar! Please see a picture of the exact outfit I was wearing at the scene of the crime. Yep, it is a prodominantly PINK shirt, with a BOW on the collar! Not to mention my "pretty girl" face! What do you think?

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I am 7 months old! Not much has changed since last month. I eat a few more veggies now, I am trying so hard to crawl (I scootch and rock on my knees), I am trying to get these teeth to come in and I am just more wonderful every day!

Today was picture day at school, so I got to wear this pretty blue dress. Mommy had to take her own picture...we will post some of the professional ones as soon as we get them! Ms. Maria said that I smiled real pretty!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

At Home Too!

The Easter Bunny also visited my home! Mommy has been helping his hair to grow for about a week...if only my hair grew this fast!

Thank you to all who helped to make my 1st Easter so much fun! Especially Nana, Mimi, Gaga, Big, Tiny, Diva and Gringo! I love you all!

Big and Tiny helped the Easter Bunny by leaving us this beautiful Easter Lilly.

Mimi and Gaga gave me this cool bucket full of all kinds of fun stuff!

Bet you can't guess who gave me this bunny and fun stuff!!! You guessed it...Diva and Gringo! Mommy and Daddy's diets are in serious danger!

Easter Wardrobe!

This is my pretty Easter dress that Diva and Gringo bought for me. I was such a poser this morning!

I then wore my 1st Easter shirt and jeans for the long car ride home. The bunny on this shirt is SOOO soft!

The Easter Bunny Came!

When I woke up this morning I discovered that the Easter Bunny had come to the hotel in Corpus! What a smart bunny! I got some serious loot!

My Aunt Misty helped me find an egg! I have the eye for this game for sure!