Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Love This Time of Year!

It is that time of year again...The Nutcracker Market is this weekend and I am so excited! Not that I do so much's more like looking and people watching. But, it gets me ready for the holiday season and gets my spirits juiced! I will be heading out this Friday for our annual Market Day. Yep...this counts as a "sick" day for me! Just wanted to get you all thinking about the upcoming holiday's not about the gifts or's about the Spirit...which we are all going to have to embrace a little bit more this year! (This "financial crisis" is for the birds!!!) Happy shopping to all who are headed out to The Market as well!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Princess Party

My cousin, Anna, turned 3 on Saturday and she had an all girl princess party to celebrate. It was so fun! Happy Birthday Anna!

Here I am creating my princess crown.

And, the princesses let it all loose by jumping in the "castle"!

And...the princess wands were fun too!

Mommy never thought she would ever see me dressed up like a princess. But, I actually love it and try to wear this dress and the pretty shoes every day! She even got my hair back in a ponytail...not an easy task!

Trick or Treat

Well...a girl needs choices!

I loved trick-or-treating. I walked right up to the house, said "tick o teat" and then gave a big loud "tank you"! Mommy helped with the doorbells.

Here's Daddy going over the rules of the night!

Yippee! Check out the princess slippers...those came off before the walking began...

Pics at Mimi's House

We headed over to Mimi's house for our annual Halloween pics. This year...there were some adults involved too! Aunt Coolie and Uncle Stinky Pete joined in on the M&M is there cute little family pic!

Anna and Sophia and I just swingin' along...

Hey Aunt necklace!
And, here's the gang! Jack (sumo guy), Sophia (yellow M&M), Dani (Sharpei from High School Musical), Anna (green M&M), Austin (biker guy) and me (the bee). Nick didn't make it in to Houston...but he was a cute little monkey...


We went all out for Halloween this year (ok...every year!) It took a while for Katie to get used to the "scawey" decorations...but she loved "the vampiiire, the reaper, the pumpkin and the cawage"...she was mad when we took it all down.

Here's our little bee!

Just buzzin' around. She actually kept that head band on all night!

Mommy didn't want Katie to get her bee costume dirty at by day she was a Texans cheerleader. She was so cute!

Mommy volunteered to make spooky pb&js and cup cakes...this is the not-so-great cup cake cake. Oh well...they were yummy though!

Ren Fest

We headed out the the Ren Fest a couple of weeks ago...and the day was beautiful! We had fun...and ate lots of food!

Here I am munching on a turkey leg...

Here I am riding the "elfant" with Daddy...not sure who those other people are...but it was my favorite part of the day!

Some of these people are weird! This is my skeptical look... the petting zoo they had a bah bah black sheep...can you believe it?!?!?! That is one of my favorite songs...I love to sing "Followed her to school one day, school one day..." This was pretty neat!