Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sorry it has been so long with no posts...but it is TAKS week and we are a little stressed. It all comes down to this week...especially for us Reading (me) and Math (Scott) teachers! We have been busy, though, and will post as soon as we have time!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

19 Months...and Still Stylin'!

This post is a little late...but better late than never, right?!? 19 months is not THAT different from 18 months. Except, I say so many more words, I love to sing songs, and I am becoming more independent every day. I love to sing "I love you, you love me..." (and no, I have never watched Barney in my teacher taught me that song), I try to sing my ABCs...but only Mommy and Daddy understand that one, and I talk and talk, especially if I have a phone. I am so busy and growing so much. Mommy had to go buy me a whole new wardrobe this weekend...24 month, 2T, 3T...I guess that means I am a pretty big girl! (The 3Ts are a little big...but will get me through the summer and fall...hopefully!) I am even trying to go peepee in the potty...I love the wiping part!

Here I am posing with an outfit that I picked out all on my own. T-shirt, diaper, and boots...of course! Don't I look like I am actually posing...I am working it!

Add the hat and the outfit is complete!

Mom, put the camera AWAY!

Congrats Aunt Nikki and Uncle Eric

My Aunt Nikki and Uncle Eric rode in the MS150 this last weekend. This is not their first MS ride, but it is the first time that their picture made it in the Houston Chronicle! Here is their pic...and their triumphant finish line crossing!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Houston Children's Festival

We went to the Houston Children's Festival this weekend and we had FUN!

Here we are jamming out to Sponge Bob (whoever that is?!?!)

I loved riding this swing ride SO much! I rode it as many times as the line would allow. I kept saying "wee" and "swing"...I think Mommy and Daddy got the point!

And, get me near a slide...and I will do anything! Even climb this big ladder!

They had so many cool things for kids to do! Plus, the weather was perfect!

Another one of those "cousin" posts

When you have as many cousins as I tend to have a whole lot of play dates! Here I am with some of my cousins. Jack, Dani, Anna, Austin and Nick, the newest. We got together to celebrate Gaga's birthday...Happy Birthday Gaga!!!!

Anna and I love to play together...I especially love wearing her shoes!

And, here is my newest cousin, Nick...isn't he cute? And, isn't his shirt so funny?!?!

He sure does sleep a lot!

Pretty Girl

Mommy just likes these pictures...

Uncle Mikey's B-Day

My Uncle Mikey turned 30 a couple weeks ago and we celebrated with a pool party! Diva and Gringo heated their pool and we dove right usual, I loved the water!

All I needed to wear were my swim wingies and I was off. I just kicked and kicked and swam all around! No more floats for me...I got really bored in my float!

Here I am hanging in the hot tub. It was not on...but it was the perfect size for me. I would walk around the edge and then jump in the middle...swim around...and start all over again.

Diva, do you think Mommy would mind if I wore her flip flop in the pool?

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Hey There!

I am such a celebrity that I have to keep these on in the house...

Hey O.J....

did you lose something?