Friday, October 16, 2009

Brooklyn- 4 Months

The picture update is below...but here are the stats!

Weight: just over 14 lbs- around 75%
Height: just over 24 inches- around 50%
Head: 25%

All in all...very normal and very PERFECT as we all know! She is dealing with some seriously yucky allergies which make her eyes swell and run...not fun! But, Mimi took her to the doctor today and she is going to be starting drops. We will see if it helps. At her appointment on Tuesday, she got some shots and stuff which made her very sleepy and grumpy on we had a Mommy / Daughter day at home...which was nice since she slept most of the day and I got some stuff done. (Much easier to clean out Katie's clothes when she is not around to cry when I put something away!)

As for what she is doing...she is rolling from tummy to back sometimes and working on the other way, she talks all the time and has discovered that her tongue makes noise, and we have begun eating rice cereal, which she sort of likes...we'll see how she likes fruits and veggies! I cannot believe she is already 4 months! Check back for more updates!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just to compare...

This is Katie at 4 months. In some ways they are alike...but I can really tell the difference when I compare the pics. Brooklyn has a little more Aust in her...Kaitlyn is more Wilhelm (my mom's side)...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brooklyn is 4 Months!

Here is our big 4 month old! She is just so happy!

Notice the drool ring around her shirt...she is working on some serious least we think!

Just hanging out with big sis...Brooklyn LOVES Katie and just stares at her and laughs all of the time.

Whoa...playing in my jump up is so much fun...and so tiring....

We go to the doctor for Brooklyn's 4 month check up this I will post her status after that appointment. But, she is a wonderful baby. She is so happy. She loves to eat and is getting better at sleeping. We had our first FULL night of sleep last night and it was nice! She has some allergies (at least we think), so her eyes are a little yucky and swollen...but so are ours! Can't wait to start her on some yummy food this month...those should be some fun pics! See ya!

Scarecrow Fest

We had so much fun at the Scarecrow Fest this weekend. Here's Ms. Katie with some new friends...

Her first official face paint...her teacher paints their faces at times...but this one is glittery and fun!

Riding the only ride there...but she found it of course!

Some Randomness

Here's our little spinner! Katie loves to wear dresses that spin. One of my co-workers gave us this fancy white dress and Katie loves to spin and spin...

Here's the bug driving a Bug! She had so much fun at the Ft. Bend County Fair...she rode every ride that she could, we just had to wait out the rain!

The sisters on the way in to the Ft. Bend was Pink Rodeo we all dressed the part.

Go Tech! Two of the cutest cheerleaders ever!

And, Katie being Katie...this was one of her outfits...pjs, hat, gloves, binoculars...she even pulled out my dusty's about that season!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Still Here...

and busier than ever! We have lots to look back soon. Just not enough hours in the day! I promise to have something up by the end of this week (Sunday that is!) So, check back Monday, Oct. 12...see you then!