Monday, December 15, 2008

My BFF Santa

We headed to First Colony Mall this weekend (AHAHAH) to see Santa! It was so much fun!

First, I got to see my main man Rudolph. I love this guy! This one is cool...he spins in circles and makes me laugh!

Then, I practiced my pose on the wall that keeps kids from seeing other kids cry...these people are so smart!

Finally, it was my turn. I LOVE Santa! I sat on his lap, told him that I wanted a princess for Christmas, and then smiled for Mommy. My official pictures were not so great because once I smiled for Mommy, all I wanted to do was stare at and talk to Santa. He is SO cool! Mommy and Daddy were relieved by my reaction...apparently some kids don't like Santa as much as I do. Crazy kids!

Could it be? SNOW!

I did not get the greatest pics of snow in Houston...but here was my attempt. And, no comments on Katie outside without a jacket...this was a quick shoot and we were very happy to get inside from the wet and cold weather!

If you look REALLY close, you can see a few flakes. It actually snowed pretty hard once it was dark...but we were much too cozy by the fire to get the camera out!

Here is Daddy's truck with some snow build-up.

And the back porch umbrella...

And, here I am wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!! (By the way...that is one of Mommy's maternity shirts I am wearing. I like to put it on and call it a dress...makes me dance better!)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Baby #2 Update

We visited with Dr. Rowe, our amazing high risk specialist, today and got to see our little baby #2 moving and kicking and waving! The baby is doing really well and is on the bigger side of things...thank goodness! Baby (as we will call him/her) shows no signs of defects and all looks healthy and great! (Thin nuchal fold and well formed nose...for those who know what that means!) We do have an idea as to the gender of our little Baby, but until we are 100% certain, I will not be posting that information. The doctor is about 80% sure...but even he was kind of curious as to what we will see next time. Remember, we are only 12 weeks and a couple of it is VERY early. I promise to let you know what we see at our January 13 appointment. I have a feeling we will be 100% sure at that point! I thought I saw one thing, Scott saw something else, and Dr. Rowe was just as puzzled as we were. We will see! Either way...we are just happy that the baby seems to be in great health...and I am in good health as well. I did get some other good news...I am down to one shot per day! Upped the dosage...but only once per day! Woohoo! I have to tell you that my stomach looks like a punching I am excited for the break!

I have some ultrasound pictures to post...but my scanner is not working at this those will come later. Pretty much normal baby profile, cute little feet, hands on the face kind of stuff!

Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Official!

We are back! I know it has been a while...but I promise to be a better blogger!

It is also official that Katie is expecting a little brother or sister sometime in June! Unlike most people who have a due date...I guess I sort of have a due month...or due weeks...anyway, sometime early to mid-June should be pretty accurate. We have seen our little "worm" once at about 6 weeks and will get to see him/her next pictures will be posted at that time. I also officially heard the heartbeat today...which is why I feel pretty good to post our news. We are just about 11 weeks and the blahs are finally starting to go away. Thank Goodness! I have been taking my twice a day shots and oodles of pills since about 4 we should be off to a pretty good start.

In other news...Katie is growing up so much every day. She is progressing well with potty training, she is talking up a storm. She loves to say "Santa Claus...hohoho, hahaha!" She is just becoming the cutest little girl...we are having so much fun.

So, that is our world. Hope all is well out there...we will keep posting and will definitely keep all up to date on any baby news. By the way...we are going to find out the sex of the that should be here in the weeks to come!

A Fun Sunday!

We headed to the Autorama with Matt and Keely on Sunday and look who we saw! Dora and SpongeBob!!!! I could not get over Dora and was SOOOOOO excited to meet her! Even as Mommy blogs this picture I am screaming and freaking out! (Mommy thinks this is a good lead in to Santa...but we will see!) This is a huge improvement from my freakout this summer at the baseball game...back when I was scared of people in costumes. But, I am a big girl now!

We also saw KITT- the Knight Rider car. Sometimes I see this car on TV and go it was cool to see in person!

Aren't Daddy, Uncle Matt and I cute? Please excuse my rat nest ponytail would not stay put!

Another Thanksgiving Celebration

We had the annual Seafood Dinner at Big and Tiny's house to celebrate Thanksgiving! We had yummy food and Mommy's favorite Lemon Meringue Pie.

Since Mommy rarely makes the blog...we decided to add one of her and Aunt Ne at the dinner.

Dani kept me company at the Kids Corner...

I love oranges!

Mommy thought that this was a pretty funny picture. Pretty much says it all!

And last but not least...Mommy thought this was a pretty cute here it is!

Thanksgiving Day

We spent Thanksgiving Day with Diva and Gringo. We had lots of yummy food and lots of family fun. The best part was when Scott and Uncle Mike did the dishes! What wonderful men!

And, here are a few pics of Katie pigging out on the really yummy food!

And, of course Baby came along for the meal...she is so dirty!