Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey Guys...we are UPDATED!

Ok, it has been a LONG time...so, if you want to catch up...you are going to have to go WAY back. Scroll down and go to Older Posts and go all the way back to our Easter posts...that is the last time Mommy updated. So, enjoy the reading!

By the way...Brooklyn here, I am one now. Can you believe it? I went to the doctor today and got 5 shots! I weigh just under 22 pounds (55%) and am in the 25% in height. I am thinning out...I was in the 75% at my last appointment. My doctor is amazed at how many words I can say...like Elmo, Momma, Dadda, Datie (Katie), pup, dank du (thank you) and many more...I am chatty. I also gave up the bottle the day before my birthday and am on milk and normal food. Such a big girl! I am almost walking. I will take a few steps...but prefer to crawl. I can keep up with Katie much easier on my knees. I will probably be running before we know it.

Anyway...that's about it...Mommy promises to be better with the blog. So, be sure to check back.

Party Girl

Brooklyn had a swim party for her 1st birthday. It was cupcake themed and it was FUN!

Look at this beautiful girl!

Doing a little swimming at her party.

Welcome to the PARTAY!!!

Just waiting for some cake...

Is this for me? This is one dainty girl...she just ran her fingers in the icing and licked her fingers...nothing messy...unfortunately.

Cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere!

Waiting for the party to start!

Even Katie got into the cupcake spirit!

Guess Who Turned ONE?!?!

Our little Baby Brooklyn is ONE! Such a big girl!!!

Hey guys...I am one!!!

I got a fun ball pit for my birthday...and it is fun for all!

Beauty and the Beach

Katie and I did a little photo session one evening at the beach. What a beautiful evening it was!

A little free style pose...

Brooklyn did some posing too...

The sisters enjoyed some play time during the fish fry. Brooklyn loves Katie so much! I think the feeling is mutual!

A Whacky Night on Honey's Deck

We had a DJ with music and karaoke one night of the reunion...it was FUN!

Here's Matt doing a little Bieber Fever sing-a-long...

Daddy and Aunt Keely did some Summer Lovin'...

The ladies did some dancing...slide to the left...slide to the right...

Mommy and Aunt Keely did a little Ice, Ice, Baby...Word to your mother!

And, the two Cali girls did...what else...Going Back to Cali...so much fun!!!!

More Reunion Fun

Check out these silly faces swimming at Aunt Honey's pool!

Daddy's Little Girls...

Gringo's Little Girls...

Brooklyn and Matt are new BFFs...she definitely felt connected to this goof ball!

Brooklyn also tried her first sausage...and loved it! Who wouldn't!

A Little Family Time

At the end of our time at the beach, we got to enjoy a little time with family at our family reunion.

Katie loves to see her family...

And, play a little beach volleyball...Katie is not quite up to par...but she is a good ball retriever.

She also loves to hang with "her girls"...she asks for them all year long!

There's also a lot of lounging...

And, taking rides on the beach...

Hanging at the House

When we weren't hanging at the beach...we were enjoying the view from the deck.

And, drinking some fancy Sunny D drinks...

Sometimes even Katie enjoys a little silent time on the deck.

And, I just had to include this cutie!

A Day at the Beach

We spent a week at the beach and Mommy pretty much did pics on one of those days...so here they are...

Our little surfer girl...


Gotta do some digging...

And some eating too!

Lots of fun at the beach!

Queens of our World!

Brooklyn loves to put this crown on...she actually did this by herself...so darn CUTE!

It takes her a while to get it on just right...

Hmmm...this isn't quite right...

Such a sweetie!

And, here are our two queens sitting at their "royalty" table at Diva and Gringo's house...