Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today (May 29) is our 4th Anniversary! I cannot believe that it has already been 4 years! We have done so many things in those years...and it has been so much fun! So, today we not only get to celebrate the end of another school year...but we get to celebrate the beginning of another great year together. Happy Anniversary, Scott! Love you! (Oh, and Katie says Happy Anniversary, too!)

Trip to New Orleans

Scott and I got to enjoy our first long weekend away, without Katie, over Memorial Day weekend. While Katie was wearing Diva and Gringo out, Scott and I got to celebrate our anniversary a little early with an amazing weekend in New Orleans. We did it all...Bourbon St., shopping on Magazine, Jackson Square, the Fresh Market, a wonderful Jazz dinner, and so much more. I think we walked a million miles...but we also ate a million calories!

We took a picture in front of this church...but for some reason I cannot find it on the camera. I guess the guy didn't hold the button long enough...bummer! So, here is the church!

We didn't have time for a riverboat ride...but it sure looks fun.

There is always time to stop in to Margaritaville!

This is just part of the amazing suite that we got to stay in during out trip. Thanks to a great surprise from Diva and Gringo, we were spoiled with a 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath rockstar suite while in New Orleans. Think Dylan McCay from 90210...wet bar, full kitchen (dishwasher and all), a dining room and huge flat screens wherever the eye could see! It was amazing...and had a great view of the river.

Here is the living room/sitting area...

Here is a view of the kitchen from the dining room...

This is just a picture of Scott on Bourbon Street...did I even need to explain that?

And, here is one of those typical N.O. sites...a funeral procession. I only took pictures because it was a mock procession for those morbid types who wanted to participate in the walk to the cemetary. (If you are one of those's cool...if we had more time we would have done it too!)

Backyard Playin'

Nana bought me my very own bouncy house! I love it! Thanks Nana!

And then, Mommy and Daddy got me a little pool for the backyard. This will never make up for the real thing...but it is still pretty darn fun!

Ahhhh! This is the life...such a little princess!

Another Year Down

Which means...8th grade dance and sports banquets!

Here are some of the 8th graders...and teachers...cuttin' a rug! I love seeing the boys out there giving it a try!

Here is Scott handing out some awards at the baseball banquet. This was a VERY nice event and the boys had a great time. Not to mention we got to eat some great food!

And, for those of you out there who might have gone to Johnston, Coach Cade is retiring this year. He did amazing things for Johnston in his 25+ years at the school. He raised tons of funds to update the auditorium (now officially called the Charles E. Cade Performing Arts Center) and he was critical in getting Johnston the nicest middle school baseball field in HISD (and I am not just saying this!) For those of you living near Johnston...the reason we still have our old facility is mainly due to the amazing things that this man has done to make our school great just the way it is. So, here is Mr. Cade receiving his Lifetime MVP Award. It is going to be such a sad day tomorrow when we say goodbye!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mommy's Day, 20 Months and More Swimming!

It was Mommy's Day Weekend and it could not have been more beautiful! So, I did some swimming!

Gringo got this safety jacket for is very cool...but still a little big. I will have to practice swimming in it.

Until wingies are perfect!

I also learned how to jump off the rocks! I say "unn, doo" (one, two) and put my arms up and jump! Daddy caught me the first few times...but then I just jumped in on my own. I go under and then pop back up laughing! I am with my Mommy! Happy Mommy's Day!!!

On top of all that, I turned 20 months on Sunday. I am talking more and more and am acting like such a big girl. I still love to eat...but I have slowed down on all of the food, I eat less at each sitting! I love grapes, pineapple, apples, strawberries...ok...I love fruit. I love grilled chicken, eggs and CHEESE! And, much more! I love to sing songs and have conversations. They don't always make sense...but I try. I love to say "Mommy, Mommy" and jump up and is all about the jump! I got my first bloody nose today after a rough spill...which means that I am even more tough than back at 19 months! I sit on the potty and say "peepee...poopoo" but nothing has come out yet. I am trying! Stay tuned...things are getting exciting. Mommy and Daddy only have 12 school days left...look out summer here we come!

Play Time Again

Well, we had another family birthday party, Uncle Stinky Pete, which means more time to play with my bestest friends!

Anna and I jumped and jumped...until Dani came...and then I chased the big girls around. I am getting close to catching up...

Hey guys! Check out my pig tail...I actually kept it in!

I love to drive...except I must be used to European rules...

Austin and I did some serious digging.

Silly Girl

Katie is such a sweet girl...she was sharing her Cheerios with her baby...

We walked in and found Katie sitting in her wagon like this the other morning. She is so silly...she will sit there forever!

Here's Katie helping Mommy drink her daily water...too bad she wasted so much on her shirt!

Beach Day

We spent the day at the beach a couple weeks ago. I drove Gringo around the hood...he really let me steer!!!

Relaxing at Aunt Sharon and Uncle Gordon's house. Could someone get me a drink?

This is Diva's Derby de Mayo hat...she wore it to a Kentucky Derby/Cinco de Mayo party! Don't I look GOOD?!?!

Have I told you lately that I love the water?

Aunt Sharon's pool is still a little we had to settle for swimming in the hot for me!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Crawfish!

We went to a crawfish party this weekend...and fun was had by all. Here is a picture of some of the riff-raff they let in!

Mimi sure made me happy swinging me, chasing me and feeding me cake!

Check out the cake!

After was time to dance! Can you tell that I love to dance?

Here I am hanging with some cool chicks! That is Lauren on the left and Kate on the right. Kate and I actually have the same birth day...not the same year...obviously!

The big kids did a "performance" which consisted of dancing to Hannah Montana songs. Well...I can dance! So, I thought I would add my boogie to the dancing group!

I guess the night is over...slamming the guitar and crying...Mommy, put down the camera and TAKE ME HOME!

Spring CrawFest

We went to the Spring CrawFest and had so much fun! It was a wonderful day and I loved all of the people and fun music. I really loved the carousel...Diva had to take me on it so many times.

I also loved driving the yellow car...I was so fast! And, I was the only kiddo on the ride, so I got to drive around in circles FOREVER! Just ask my Mommy!

And, I picked the ducks just right and won a stuffed puppy...but I insist to everyone that it is a "kitty cat"!

2 of My Favorite Things

I love to play on Mommy's exercise bike...and I love to wear my boots. So, why not do both!?!?

I usually wear my brown boots...but for working out, it must be the blue ones!

Go Astros!

We went to our first game of the season a couple weeks ago...and it was fun. It was kind of last, Daddy and I are not in our Astros best. Actually, if you look closely, Daddy is wearing his Red Sox hat. It was a last minute idea...that was SO fun!

Yummy frozen lemonade!