Friday, March 28, 2008

18 Month Stats

We finally made it in to the doctor for Katie's 18 month check-up. She is doing great, as we suspected! She weighs 26 lbs. 11 oz. (75-90 percentile), she is 32 inches (75 percentile), and her head is in the 75-90 percentile as well. So, needless to say, she is doing great! Dr. Rowland said that she could not believe that this is the same baby she met in the NICU 18 months ago...ditto to that! Katie didn't cry until the shots and even cheered up pretty quickly after that torture. All other stuff was good: eating habits (of course!), tooth brushing habits, calcium stuff, etc. So, overall, the check was great!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Older Posts

If you are checking and haven't seen all of the Spring Break stuff yet (Rodeo, St. Patricks' Day, Fredericksbur, Easter, etc.) you might have to click on "Older Posts" at the bottom of the page. It just doesn't all fit on one page!

Egg Hunt 2008

I had so much fun hunting eggs. Check out my loot! (By the way...these pictures are not in any specific order.)

Getting kind of heavy here!

The Bunny is so creative!

Hmmm...where to next?

Not only did we celebrate Easter while at Nana's house, but we also celebrated Grandma Greiner's birthday. She is Daddy's Grandmother...such a fun Grandma! Here I am with my Nana, my cousins and Grandma Greiner...

Hunting eggs is fun!

There's another one...

And another...

You mean the bunny puts them in the pit? Crazy rabbit!

Ooo...there is one in the favorite place!

Hey found one!

Let's put it in the bucket!


The Bunny Came!

Well, the Easter Bunny found me in Fredericksburg! (And in Houston too!) Check out my loot!

So heavy!

This stuff is so cool!


I got to hang out with my cousins and Nana in Fredericksburg during Spring Break. We prepped for Easter and just had an all around great time! Here we are getting ready to color eggs. Aren't we cute in our sort-of matching shirts?!?!

This egg coloring is so fun!

I even got to use this cool machine to make really pretty eggs.

Hey Nana, help me make my egg the prettiest!

I wasn't too messy!

It got pretty warm on Saturday, so Ally and I took a dip. Haven't you figured out that I LOVE the water?

Maybe I will try this slide...

Here we go...


Haley and I had so much fun playing together! We can both drive...but you better watch out!


This is Nana's "tractor" (mower)...I was constantly climbing up on the seat and driving. I figured out where the key was...but just could not make it turn on! Mommy and Daddy got pretty nervous when they would walk outside and find me sitting up here. That was all for that...bummer!

Monday, March 24, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

We went back to the beach for St. Patrick's Day! It was so much fun! They have an a VERY fun parade and we just have so much fun visiting with friends and family at the beach!

Can you believe that I let Mommy put this bow on my head? And, check out the super cute shirt my Mommy made (ok...that was my own comment...but I had to do something because we could not find a cute shirt anywhere!)

This is my pouty look...

Here I am hanging with my Diva!

If you won't take me for a walk...I will just take myself!!!!

Here is Diva's car in the parade...they had the best candy and beads!

Gringo set up an umbrella for me...I had it made! This really made the parade so much more fun!

Ahhh...Daddy and I are living the life!

No...I did not swim in this pool...but I sure did want to! Aunt Sharon and Uncle Gordon...I will be back soon and I will be swimming in your better believe it!

The Beach (First of many this year!)

I just love the beach...and Mommy and Daddy learned that I also love the water and swimming when it is FREEZING! Oh, and I thought the shovel was a spoon...not so yummy!

Let's take a walk!

A girl needs a little juice after a swim in the chilly water!

We were at the beach to celebrate St. Patrick's Day...wait for that post...we had FUN!

Rodeo, Part 2

We went to the Rodeo again...and this time I got to enjoy more of the animals and carnival stuff. We had so much fun!

Here I am checking out the big cow at the Bordon exhibit...she was cool!

We got to check out the VERY new baby chicks in Agventure...where they have this really cool live birthing cetner. So cute!

This baby camel was chillin while his parents entertained the patrons at the camel ride exhibit. He was a ham!

I just had the best time checking it all out!

Here I am hanging with Daddy at the seats...just waiting for Dierks. We rocked!

This one is out of order...but it was pretty bright heading into the show and I needed my shades. Mommy thought it was pretty cute that I actually kept them on!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Number "18"...

I was thinking about the number "18" all day today. Our Katie is 18 months, as of March 11. Wow! Time is certainly flying. I don't know why this seems like such a mile stone. But, a lot is changing right about now. First of care is cheaper...woohoo! And, Katie is changing so much faster. She learns new words every day and surprises us with all of her talents constantly. She pointed to her eye the other day when asked where it was. I think that is because people are always commenting on her pretty eyes...but she gets it, which is what I mean. Things are really starting to click with her and it is so much fun. As usual, she eats like a champ, she loves strawberry milk (we learned that at the rodeo) and she is just the most amazing daughter I could ever ask for. We are not going to the doctor until the end of the we will have her 18 month stats at that time. Until then...please keep checking back...I can't even imagine what 19, 20 or all of those bigger numbers have to offer!

Check it out...I am ready for spring!