Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding: Mike and Angie...Lots of Pics!

This past Saturday, Uncle Mike married Angie...officially making her Aunt Angie! It was a beautiful wedding on the beach...in all ways! There are a few posts below to show just how amazing and fun it was. Katie was a flower girl along with Parker...a new friend of ours! Brooklyn and I watched and had a blast...I didn't get many pics of the reception...it was just too much fun!

Few More Random Pics

This is our friend, Parker, she was the other flower girl...

Just playing after the wedding...

I love how Brook is looking up at Katie in this pic!


Look at these two! So cute!

Now, this is love!

Brooklyn Needs Some Face Time

Brooklyn did a great job at the wedding. She looked beautiful, as well!

Playing with the roses...

Gosh, I love this baby!

Coming Back Up the Isle

These girls did a great job!


They Are Married!

Mike and Angie seal it with a kiss!

Such a beautiful wedding...

Brook got front row seats with Diva and Gringo...

Flower Girls Waiting to Get Started

Katie and Parker were so excited for the wedding to start. You can kind of see the crowd down on the beach in the background. So awesome!

Aunt Angie helped the girls open their awesome necklaces.

Here's my beautiful flower girl!

New Yard

So, if you didn't see our backyard before...you weren't missing much. If you did see it, you know that it was UGLY! I added one picture below...and am totally embarrassed by it. But, it is all better now. These are pics of the new and much improved backyard. We now have GRASS and BEDS and we WANT to be out there! Now all we need is our new deck and swingset...that will come this summer! Enjoy!

Our new sitting area!

Mulched beds!

Pretty new grass! The really dark area was our original grass...that is all we had!!! It looks even better now after a month of watering!

See...no grass...dead spots from the pool last summer...UGLY!

Bearded Man!

Look at handsome Daddy with his beard. It is pretty cute if you ask me!!

Easter Fun

The girls had a blast searching for eggs...we had so much fun that I didn't even get more pics!

After hunting eggs, we headed to church and then had a fun family egg hunt and Easter lunch.

Here we are breaking some confetti eggs...Brooklyn was crying right after this move...(look at the determination on Katie's face!)

Then, we got some Easter goodies...here's Brook trying on her new flip flops...

And, Katie posing with her new gear...

Easter was great! We had fun hanging with family and sharing some great laughs...

Easter Egg-stravaganza!

We had tons of fun coloring eggs again this year...Brook even got to enjoy the fun this time!

Here's our before...

And, here are some of the afters...

It was SO much fun!

They were so pretty!

Rice Baseball Game

We headed out to the ballpark for a fun Friday night Rice Baseball game with Daddy's Greyhound baseball team. It was a blast!

Enjoying a little beverage...

Go Rice! What a fun night!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Update (Without Pics)

Well, this year sure has been flying by! Now, it has come to a CRAWL! We have 19 school days left (actually 18 since we are taking this Friday off to help Michael and Angie prepare for their wedding). It seems like the school year will never end!

Baseball season came to a close with the Greyhounds finishing second in the district tournament. We lost 10-9 to Pershing...it was a VERY close game, with lots of back and forth...but the other guys pulled it off with a double in the 9th to score 2 runs...ending the game and a VERY awesome Greyhound season.

Testing season is almost behind us. We have 3 days of testing this week and then it is OVER! I have to admit...the testing days are the worst! Seems like it would be a cake walk...all day, no teaching, watching kids take a test. But, NO! It is VERY taxing!

Easter came and went...and it was awesome. Both girls were way into the bunny and hunting for eggs. I do have pictures and will update when I have time. The good thing about those 19 (18) school days...they start to be VERY easy once testing is over. Kids are working on projects, finishing up assignments, going on field trips...gives me just a little break and maybe some free time to upload some pics.

We are in the middle of Uncle Mike and Aunt Angie's wedding excitement. Last weekend was the guys golf outing, while the girls relaxed and played at the pool. This weekend is the BIG DAY! We are heading down to the beach on Thursday to lend a few hands. And, we are excited! Scott is the best man and Katie is one of the flower girls. Both are extremely excited and I will post pics (see Easter stuff above).

The girls are doing great and are growing so quickly. Katie is finishing up Pre-K and will start Kindergarten in the fall. She is pumped and cannot wait to be at the big school (same private school she is at now...but across the street) and wearing a uniform. She has to go to private school since her birthday is 11 days past the cut off. She will start public school in 2012-13 as a 1st grader. AHAHAH!!! Brooklyn is almost 2...going on 4 1/2! She talks up a storm and she can sing (I mean SING...Hannah Montana songs, Taylor Swift songs, Lady Antebellum songs...anything Katie likes). She is working on her potty training...which is necessary since she has the MOST SENSITIVE SKIN EVER!!! Her little legs chap around her diaper so badly that her diapers are bloody every morning...it is the saddest thing ever. So, we are seriously working on the potty stuff. I think we will get it done this summer. Both girls are little fishies. Katie is the best little swimmer. She does the back stroke (learned that last weekend), dives for toys, holds her breath FOREVER...she is awesome. Brooklyn is swimming with floaties. She moves her arms and legs and gets all over the place. She tries to jump in...but mostly just scoots off the side. I think she will be pretty close to swimming by the end of the summer...she tries to do everything Katie does.

That is about it. I promise to add pics...I just don't know when! Please check back...and have fun blogging!