Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun in the Rain

I was out playing in the backyard this morning when it started raining. I was not quite ready to go I had fun in the rain. I loved it!

What did you say, Mommy? Lunch is ready? Bye bye rain!

Chuck & Dani

My cousin, Dani, spent the day with us yesterday and we had a blast! We played at the house and then headed out to Chuck E Cheese's for lunch and fun! I really loved watching the characters on stage and playing the games...but I really DID NOT LIKE Chuck the costumed guy...he is a scary RAT!!!!

Here we are waiting for our pizza!

And, here I am driving the only Chuck that I would even dare come in contact with...

See what happens when that big furry RAT walks by when I am trying to enjoy a nice ride on the carousel! Man...he sure did ruin that ride for me!

And, here we are playing a game that I really mastered. All you do is push that big button...I won us over 100 tickets on this game alone...I really had the touch. So, for those of you who play the lottery...I guess I could help you out...for a small fee!

A Day at the Beach

We went to the beach for the day last week and it was wonderful. The weather was beautiful and the water was clear and warm. Katie rode the ferry for the first time and had a great time looking at all of the dolphins. I thought I got more pictures...but who knows...we were busy playing in the sand and water!

Here's Katie heading out to the water...we were constantly running after her!

Here's Katie's Nemo kite...she was pretty uninterested...but we kept it up most of the day just in case...

This is a little girl that Katie met on the beach. They played and played...and we were definitely grateful for little Wendy's distraction...we got to run after Katie a little less...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh...and 22 months!

Don't think we forgot...our Katie turned 22 months on Friday! Wow...only 2 months left to plan her party! We are still working on potty training...she is not quite there yet...but we will keep trying. She is still a big eater and pretty much loves all things food...except melon....she is not a melon fan (watermelon, cantelope, honey dew...none of it). She is starting her twos early and is definitely showing some hard-headedness...not sure where she gets that (ha!)... She talks a lot and will pretty much repeat anything...or try to repeat anything. (She still calls Zoe, the fish, Oeez!) She is still the funniest kid around and makes us laugh constantly. So, stay tuned for more adventures as we head toward the scary TWOS!!!!!

Some of the Loot

I was trying to think of ways to keep all of Katie's trips organized so that we remember all of the places we went. So, I got some of her loot together and took a pic. Now we will remember that we went to UT, Sea World, San Antonio, a Missions game and an Express game...all on the same trip.

Here's Katie posing with her loot and trying to get into her Shamu lunch box...

And kissing her Shamu...

Now...that was a great trip!!!! Stay tuned for more!


Now for the big reason we even left the house on Friday...SEA WORLD!!!! Kaitlyn loves fish...and we thought that she would love Sea World. Well...she did!

Here we are waiting for the park to is going to be a LONG day!

Katie's Nana and her cousins, Ally and Haley, came from Fredericksburg and met us at Sea World. This definitely made the trip even more fun! Here they are heading to see the horses.

We watched quite a few shows...and this one had the main person...SHAMU! I loved watching him...but I didn't quite want to take a picture with him. I guess I am not really into animal suits! So, Mommy helped me in the picture...but check out my lip...I was still not thrilled!

I even got to play in water and swim...but Mommy dropped the ball and didn't pack a swimsuit. So...I played in my onesie and Little Swimmer...nothing was going to stop me! Haley is in the blue suit...I am in the pink onesie and Ally is way in the back in the pink bikini...

Then Nana took me on this cool went WAY up high and dropped and bounced...I LOVED IT!!!! Mommy and Daddy were not quite sure, but Nana proved them wrong! I cried for like 15 minutes when I had to get off. Then...I fell asleep...guess I was a little tired.

Once I woke was time to swim again!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Here I am swimming with this star fish...this was a great idea!

I helped Daddy feed the dolphins...they were so cute!

Here we are waiting on the dolphins to come over so that I could pet them. is the man/woman (?) of the day...SHAMU!!! By the way...did you know that there are like 5 Shamus? Who knew! I am in my happiest hour...Shamu and Cheetos...Heaven!

San Antonio Missions

Saturday evening brought another minor league baseball game. We headed out to watch the San Antonio Missions. This time we got seats...really good seats...5th row up from the plate. Well...I made it in the seats for about 1 batter. So, at least Mommy got one good picture of me in my seat.

And then Mommy took me to the grass in the outfield while Daddy spent some quality time watching from the seats. I like it out here!

Here I am posing with my big finger...and the starting line-up. Kind of hokey, Mommy!

This field also has a playground...woohoo!

So, I loved watching this puppy. Mommy thought a picture might be good and so did I...until the crazy puppy jumped over the rail to come see me. Let's just say that I FREAKED OUT!!! I started yelling "no puppy, no puppy"...all of the Air Force men and women who were sitting in the section loved it and once again...I had the audience that I, no need to fear...I was happy again.

El Mercado

After the exciting Express game (by the way...they won) and a good nights sleep, we headed to San Antonio for the rest of our weekend. We spent most of Saturday at El Mercado (Market Square for the tourists out there!)...which was so FUN! Here I am playing my new maracas!

We even stopped and ate at one of Mommy and Daddy's favorite SA restaurants...La Margaritas...yummy! Notice the salsa ring around my that stuff! was back to the hotel for a little nap before another baseball game!

Quick Stop in Austin

For the first day of our trip this weekend...we stopped in Austin. It was quick...but fun! We got in a little early, so we headed down to the UT campus to do some walking and discussing of Kaitlyn's future. We are cool if she decides on UT...a little big for my taste...but it would do!

Here's Katie hanging out in front of the bell tower... she is with her daddy, the UT fan...obviously!

We actually stopped in Austin to attend a Roundrock Express baseball game. The Express are a minor league team that feeds to the Astros...our favorite, of course! We got tickets in the outfield which was the best idea ever! If you have NEED to go to a minor league game. They are SO family oriented and have so much for the kiddos. The Dell Diamond has a playground (with tons of stuff for all ages) and they even have a pool! It was great! Katie loved the game...she thinks all baseball teams are the she yelled "Go Asros!" all night long. She had some fans of her own...and she even made it on the jumbo-tron!

This is the screen that Katie was dancing on...I didn't get a picture...I tried!

Baby even made the trip to the game...she was not as impressed...especially once Katie ditched her for her new friends...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sophia Update

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Sophia went home late Wednesday evening. From what I understand, she had some sort of virus that caused her rapid breathing. She is getting better and is back home where she belongs. We are going to keep our distance for a that they can adjust and she can get back to 100%. But, Katie already recognizes Ophia (as she calls her) in most pictures. So, we will just keep showing her pictures and counting the days until we can cuddle our newest family member again. Thanks again for keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Katie is becoming such a big girl! She let me put her hair in pig tails today...and she was so cute!

The shirt says it all...CUTE!

Check out my new shoes! They are so cool!

Pink and white checkered Vans! Not only am I cute...but I am super cool!

When we got home...

While we were celebrating at the bay we got a call from a wonderful lady who had found Berit (our dog) in her backyard. This lady lives across Beechnut, across Bissonnet...let's just say...not close! Berit had gotten through our fence (part of it needs to be replaced and we have been putting that off...not any more) and had a great adventure! Uncle Andy was in town and able to go rescue Berit and keep her until we got home. Berit is nursing some VERY sore feet (3 of her pads are ripped) and she is a little traumatized...but she is glad to be home. Mommy is even more glad that she is home...she is kind of a Momma's girl.

I helped Berit eat her treat...well...her feet were hurting!

And...I was ready to go back to the I wore my life jacket. Mommy and Daddy didn't fall for it...darn!

Prayer Request

Anna's little sister (and my newest cousin), Sophia has been back in the hospital since late last week. She started breathing rapidly and has been spending time in the hospital to figure out the cause. She has gone through quite a few tests and her partents, Aunt Julie and Uncle Peyton, are anxiously waiting to find out the results. Please pray that Sophia makes a quick and full recovery from whatever is causing her rapid breathing. Please also pray for Pete and Julie...they are exhausted and obviously VERY worried. I also ask that you pray for Anna...she has gone through a baby sister...and now having to share her Mommy and Daddy with the hospital, again. Sophia is just under 2 weeks old and needs to be, please keep them in your thoughts.

More Bay Fun

We actually stayed at the bay all more fun was had after the 4th. One of the best parts was eating "cake"...or as most people call them...cupcakes. And, if you've never seen me eat...I am not delicate...which is evident here! cousin Anna is a little more neat...

This is my new Elmo bubble maker...I love this guy!

We were worn out! This pallet was comfy! Thanks Mimi!

This sign says it all!

4th of July

We headed down to Mimi and Gaga's bay house to celebrate the 4th...and it was fun. My cousin Anna joined the fun, which made it even better! We swam, played with bubbles, ate junk food, went swimming know...the essentials.

Here we are enjoying some yummy pops...

The fireworks were all around! There were like 20 firework shows going on all around...not including the amazing show that my daddy put on...I loved the fireworks!

We had to move up to the house when Daddy started his show...he uses the deck for launching...and it gets pretty loud out there. These are some of the people that enjoyed Daddy's fireworks: Gaga, Jency, Mimi, Anna, Aunt Vickie, Me and Great Aunt Phi Phi...(notice Mimi covering Anna's funny!)

Look at that Gaga!

More looking, my neck was sore after all of that! Aunt Vickie put me to sleep to the sound of the fireworks...I just couldn't make it to the end!