Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hair Raising!

We could not get this hair to stay down...guess she had that crazy thing going on!

Bad TMX Elmo!

It is rare to see me cry when a camera is present...but this TMX Elmo really freaks me out!

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Sweet Girl!

Katie loves this cloth cell phone...she carries it around in her mouth. I think she learned that from the dog!

Pretty girl! Snotty nose!

Aww! Such a sweetie!

Zoo Friends

Mommy and Daddy took me to the zoo for one last day of fun before school starts. We met my friend Lily and her Mommy (my Mommy and Daddy's friend, Sarah) for a little zoo time.

Here I am checking out the petting zoo...I pretty much kept away from the "petting" part of this area.

Can we get away from these crazy goats?

Ah, now fish are cool! They don't try to each my shirt...and they are pretty!

Here is Lily trying to be a giraffe...pretty cute, huh?

We hit the splash park to cool off a little.

This turtle is super cool!

Lily and I had so much fun splashing each other and running through the water.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Birthday and Beachin'

Daddy had a birthday last Sunday and we got to go down to the beach house for the day to celebrate. Mommy and Daddy have been crazy and tired with all of the back-to-school it was a well deserved break. Apparently the kids come back this coming we go again! At least I will get to enjoy all of the football and baseball games that Daddy will be coaching. Mommy even says that I am getting a little JMS outfit to help cheer the Grayhounds to victory! (Sort of hard for Mommy, being a Pershing Panda alumna!)

Anyway, enough with back to I am at the beach!

This is a really cool gazebo that I get to play in at the beach. Keeps me out of the sun, out of the sand, and it is tons of fun!

I was so tired on the way home that this is a VERY rare smile. I fell asleep in the car around 6:15 and Mommy had to wake me up the next morning at 7 to get ready and head to school. What a day!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

11 Months and the Texans

I am 11 months old today! It has been such a great month. We went on a wonderful trip and I got to spend so much time with Mommy and Daddy. I am so close to walking. I will walk like a champ as long as I can hold on...and I am standing on my own better and better every day. I have 6 teeth and I love to eat my veggies (asparagus, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, and many more), fruits, turkey, and more! I hate baby food and cannot stand it more than a couple of bites at a time. Mommy is planning my big 1 year birthday and is searching for the cake pans for my big cake! Only one month to go...stay tuned!

Here I am on my 11 month birthday. The other big thing about today is that it is the first pre-season Texans game of the season! So exciting at our house! Gaga is at the game...but we are just watching from the comfort of our home. Maybe we can join him some time this season. Well, depends on the noise level (see the Astros entry below)! Check out my pink football pants and my cool Texans football!

Check out the form! She is ready to take a snap! Guess her Daddy (the new Johnston M.S. football coach) will be proud!

Katie loves to play with her little friends on the recliner!

My Astros Experience!

Here I am with Daddy before the game...this is the awesome view from Big and Tiny's loft. Pretty close, wouldn't you say?

Check out my pink Converse! They make the outfit! I got them the day I was born...but am just now fitting into them. Just in time to wear my pink Astros shirt! (Thanks Aunt Dana and Uncle Matt for these cool shoes!)

All smiles before the game. The seats were not exactly kid friendly...second row behind the third base dugout. Prime foul ball and broken batt teritory. So, when I lost it the first time the crowd got was an easy decision for Tiny to take me back to the loft to watch the game on TV. Mommy, Daddy and Big stayed for all 11 innings while I was sleeping comfortably in the crib.

I didn't have any issues with things being too loud before the ear surgery...but now that I can hear I am super sensitive to loud sounds. Mommy and Daddy think it will get better...we will just have to work up to it. Astros fans can be extra loud...thank goodness...but I will just have to get used to it!

How to know when your child is spending too much time with the dog...

Not the best pic...but the tongue is super!

Can you tell she is getting her 6th tooth?

Happy B-Day Gringo!

We went to Gringo and Diva's house to celebrate Gringo's birthday. It is finally drying up in we got to swim!

Daddy was able to swim because of the safety duck! What a savior that duck can be! The beverage had nothing to do with this picture what so ever!

Dani and Anna Stopped By

Dani and Anna stopped by to play last weekend. We had fun...but they are hard to keep up with. Especially running around in big people shoes!

Anna likes to wear Dani's shoes...and take her drink...and follow her everywhere! Dani is her favorite person!

While they enjoyed popsicles...I preferred a cookie...I get popsicles all of the time!

Sporty Spice

Katie loves to play ping pong on Daddy's ping pong table...well, she likes to play UNDER the ping pong table. We often find her playing with that little red piece, keeping herself busy forever at a time.

Check out the Astros hat! It was originally bought for a boy...but I wear it when I want to get a little sporty. But, I still have to wear a little pink!

Tomato Tatie!

In honor of all of the other tomato faced babes on blogs, here is Katie's first encounter with lasagna. She loved say the least. There are some green beans mixed in there too...just for added color.

Friday, August 03, 2007

There's No Place Like Home!

Even though we had an amazing trip...we are glad to be home! Read below to find out the fun we had on our long summer trip! Katie was wonderful, considering she was away from her bed and routine for close to 2 weeks. While we were gone she sprouted some new teeth and now has 5 little pearly whites! (one is hard to see in this pic)

On the Road Again

From Lubbock we headed home! A long 9 hour drive! Because of that, Mommy and Daddy decided to turn my seat around...just for the ride home. It was the only way that we could get it done in a timely manner. I loved facing forward...too bad they have already turned my seat back around. They say I have to wait another 6 weeks or so! Bummer!

Have you seen these things? Mommy said that she saw tons of them outside of Palm Springs, CA, but she has never seen them in West Texas before! Well, they are everywhere off of W84. Kind of changes the whole landscape.

Spidey and I took a little nap during the long trip...which also gave Mommy and Daddy a little break too!

Berit was ready to get out of the car too!