Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brooklyn is 18 Months!

Hey all, it's Brooklyn! I know that I don't get much face time on this blog...but I have made things pretty busy around the Aust house. I am growing up faster than my sister ever did, I guess it's because I want to do everything she does. I love to ask Mommy questions (that she may not always understand)...I say "Mommy, mommy, mommy, what this?" Mommy isn't always sure what "this" is...but she tries. I love Elmo and Dora! I love, love, love my big sister, Katie. I pucker up and give her kisses all of the time. Even after I hit her or push her or scratch her or bite her (yep...I let her know who is boss), Mommy makes me say sorry...my version of sorry is a kiss. Katie usually forgives me because my kisses are so cute :)!!! I don't have tons of teeth (we think I am taking after my mommy with the tooth issues), but the ones I do have work pretty well. I will eat most anything...including rocks and ice. You may not think this is funny...but I am SUPER cute when I point my little finger and say "No!"...my little voice is so cute and my little pointing finger...just melts hearts...seriously...it gets me out of a lot of trouble. Have I told you that I can wrap people around my finger pretty easily?!?! I take after my sister in my singing abilities...I LOVE to sing. My favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider and Patty Cake...I love the "roll it and pat it" part...you should see my cute little "roll"! I can even get through most of the ABCs...so I am pretty smart...as we already knew! Mommy and Daddy say that I am such a delight...I guess I would agree with that. Katie might not always agree with that...but she is a wonderful big sister...and I adore her! As for my stats...I am average height and weight...all of my stuff seems to be working. Besides some mild skin sensitivities I am PERFECT in every way!

Check back soon...I am taking on the blogging world and it is about to get crazy!
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Just a Quick Girl Update

I have been TERRIBLE at updating! Brooklyn will be 18 months tomorrow...so I will dedicate a post just to her...so be checking. Anyway, here is a quick recent look at the girls. This pic is sort of blurry...but they were rocking and would not stop!

Here is my baby who is getting to be such a big girl! Check out those curls...I love them!

And, here is the Bug...wet head and all!

Here are the girls at their cousin Braden's 2nd birthday party. Katie, Braden, friend of Braden's...totally forgot her name, Brooklyn and cousin Athena. Braden is going to LOVE being surrounded by all these girls one day!

DC Trip

I headed to Washington DC for one of the greatest honors of my life, thus far. I was honored with the invitation to go with my principal to receive the National Blue Ribbon Award for our school, Johnston Middle School. Only 300 or so schools all over the nation were honored with this award, including public and private schools of all levels. We were SERIOUSLY honored to receive this award.

Here I am with the award itself. Along with the tangible award, we get to carry the label as winners, including: a flag to raise at the school, the seal on our letterhead, the bragging rights, and much more!!!! (By the way...I have chopped my hair off since this pic...because of this pic...jeez...why didn't someone tell me I was looking so OLD?!?!)

Luckily, the weather was nice and we had a chance to do some sight seeing. The leaves were changing and they were preparing for the Christmas tree lighting. It was awesome!

Here is "our" house at night...not so much my house right now...but whatever...

Honest Abe and sort-of-honest Kris...(and some random teenagers...thought I was getting away from those for a few days!)

This is just a beautiful picture at the Vietnam Memorial. Look at these colors!!!
What an amazing trip! I took many more pics...these are a random selection...I will definitely need to go back for a longer stay. DC is wonderful!