Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Silly Girl

It has been a while since I have posted some Katie pics. So, here are a couple of cuties! While Katie was cleaning up her toys this evening she thought she needed her specs in order to do a thorough job.

These are actually the glasses from her Mrs. Potato Head...but she wore them for a good 5-10 minutes while she cleaned. So funny, but that is our girl!

By the way, on the potty training front, we are doing really well! Katie uses the potty about 90% of the time. And almost always uses it for the nasty stuff (if you know what I mean!) We are in panties all of the time at home and only use 1 pull up at school, if even that. Her accidents occur when she gets busy playing and forgets to tell us that she has to go...but it is still early. We are very proud of her! We are also preparing to move her into her new big girl room. It should be done and ready for her around Spring Break (mid-March). Just need some furniture and window coverings. We are all excited and will post pics when the room is complete!

Not much new on our baby girl. We are about 99% sure on a name...but will post when that goes to 100%...no rush! I am feeling her move more and more...and my belly is getting BIG! Our students have finally started figuring it out (duh!) and are pretty funny. Especially the students that Scott and I share. They are really excited! More to come soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's In a Name

For those of you who have heard our baby's name...don't be so sure! We are still in the process of making a final decision. Until we knew what we were having, we were pretty sure about the names. Now that we know for sure...we are taking another look. So, don't go out and monogram yet...we will let you know as soon as we have made our final decision!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Gender Revealed...and Horseshoe Kidneys?!?!?

Well, the verdict is in! We visited with our favorite perinatologist yesterday (Dr. Rowe) and he was right the first time...we are having a GIRL!!!!! Katie seems to be excited and has been giving her "baby siser" kisses and hugs. She even thinks she has a "big siser" in her belly button. She is a little confused...but we have a little time to straighten her out. Other than the gender, the doctor took a close look at all of the baby's organs and limbs and all looks great! He is really excited at how healthy this baby is looking. Her brain, heart, kidneys, tummy, bladder and spine look great. There are no indications of any problems at this point. She even seems to be on the larger side of the measurements...whew! The placenta looks good and healthy as well. Dr. Rowe was really excited to see how great we are all doing, as are we. Baby (working on a name) is REALLY active and we got some great pics. But, the scanner is still giving us problems and I will try to get pics up soon...promise. We are looking at due date of approximately June 20, however we will deliver at least 2 weeks early...so late May, early June.

While the ultrasound tech was looking around, she noticed something unusual with my kidneys. Upon further investigation, she determined that I have horseshoe kidneys. This means that my kidneys are connected, which makes them look like a horseshoe. As I have had no problems thus far in my life, this is not something to be concerned with. However, I will need to have another ultrasound to check it out once the baby is born and things are back to normal in there. My left kidney is seriously out of position due to being connected to the right kidney. Instead of being located in the back part of my body near the spleen...it is closer to the front of my body. Like I said, it has not been a problem yet. However, they want to make sure that it isn't effecting any of my other organs, which is the only concern.

So, overall we had a very productive ultrasound yesterday. All is well and we are very excited to be having another little girl. We are certainly not short on clothes and pink toys, that is for sure!

We will be heading back to Dr. Rowe in 4 weeks for another ultrasound and will also be heading to our regular OB in 2 weeks...so more updates to come. Check back for pics...I will try my best to get them posted.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Our Last Day of Fun

Because of the awesome snow, we were not able to get the cars out of the driveway so that we could go skiing on Saturday. So, we had to make up our own fun! So, in following the adults...we saucered down the street.

Here I am saucering with Daddy...

Here is a pic of the kiddos plus Aunt Misty...

Woohoo...here I go...check out the crew waiting to catch me at the bottom.

This is tons of fun...but watch out for ice...we all took a spill at some point...

The snow lasted until we left to come back to Texas...it was amazing! We had an awesome trip and loved every minute of our time with our family.

It Snowed HARD!

It snowed hard the night after we went saucering...so the adults let us get out of bed for a few minutes to check it out. I had to bring my new friend Melody (the Barbie), she loved it too!

I think the older kids were considering jumping in the hot tub...not me! That sounds CRAZY!

Once the kiddos were tucked back in the beds, the adults decided to have some fun. They "borrowed" our saucers and slid down the really steep street. Not so safe! Here's Daddy stuck in a ditch...

Here's Nana and Aunt Misty heading towards the dumpster...

And, here is a random pic of the snow on the deck.

Ski Trip- Day Two

Here I am doing a little arts and crafts time with my cousins, Ally and Hailey. Don't you love the matching Tinkerbell pjs?!?! I sure do, actually I am wearing them RIGHT NOW!

We headed up the mountain to Ski Apache to have some fun in our saucers...it was fun! Whoa Daddy...not so hard!

The big kids climbed up the side of the mountain to do some really scary saucering...

Here I am on the way back down the mountian...don't you love my Barbie hat...I sure do!

And, here I am posing in some of my warmer clothes. It snowed A LOT while we were on our trip...so the warm clothes were very necessary!

Christmas Day

After a very long drive (13 hours), we finally made it to New Mexico at about 10 am Christmas Morning. Just in time to notice that Santa had stopped by and to get a short rest in before the fun of the day began.

We headed out to the carnival at the base of the mountain to enjoy some tubing and rides. And, just as we got out of the car, it started SNOWING! It was great! White Christmas!

Here I am riding the carousel with my Nana...

This is me crammed into my stroller just as we arrived. I was still sort of sleepy...but jolted right up when I saw the fun that lay ahead...

(Blogger is driving me crazy by putting my pics in all crazy!) So, this is me at the bottom of the tubing hill...obviously I loved it!

I am so ready, Daddy!

This was just before the first tubing experience...a little nervous...but, as you saw above, I loved it!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Mom is a Bum

We had tons of family time this holiday season. However, Mommy was so overwhelmed with getting everything done that she did not get as many pictures as she would have liked. So, we do not have pics of me with all of my grandparents and of me opening my gifts. So, sorry to all of you out there who did not make the pics. Blame Mommy!

Additionally, stayed tuned for pics from our ski trip. Mommy needs to get me in the tub...so she will finish up tomorrow...if there's time.

Back to school!

Christmas Eve

Here I am with some of my cousins on Christmas Eve. Austin is holding Sophia, then Dani, then Jack holding Nick, and then me and Anna on the front row.

Nick doesn't get much blog time...so here is a pic of the big guy! He is such a good baby!

Here I am with my Dora candy...oh yea!

And, another winner of a gift from my cousin Nick. He got me dress up clothes....WOOHOO!!!

White Elephant

We had our annual Aust Family White Elephant at Diva and Gringo's house. It was so fun, as usual!

Here I am opening one of my gifts...

And, here I am cooking some yummy food! (Goldfish!)

(Blogger keeps posting my pics out of order...AHAHAH!) Here I am getting another Barbie...I love these dolls! Which is such a mystery to my Mommy.

And, here is one of the generations of Aust cousins. Daddy and Aunt Nikki and their cousins...there are more of them. But, these are the ones who made it.

Our Little Christmas

Because of our travels, Santa made an early visit to our house. Katie got quite a few cool toys, but her favorites were the Melody Barbie and her backpack on wheels, Princess of course!