Wednesday, June 27, 2007

9 (and a half) Month Check-Up!

We had Katie's 9 month check up today and everything is great! She weighs in at 17 lbs. and 12 oz. and is 27.5 inches tall. She is a little longer than she is heavy...but that is how she has always played the game. Her ears are finally clear, after a few months of infections, surgery, and clogged tubes. The only issue that she has is a mild case of pink eye...which she is now receiving drops to cure. Not sure how she got it...but it isn't bad so there is no reason to worry. Dr. Rowland seems to think that her top teeth will be coming through very soon. That will be good, because her two bottom teeth need some company! She is right on cue...and doing "extremely well for a premie" (according to Dr. Rowland). She is actually doing things that a full term baby would do at 9/10 we are all very happy. That's about it for now! Check back for more posts and lots of fun to come. (Mommy and Daddy are done with summer school on Friday and will have tons of time to play and take Katie to the pool and go on lots of fun adventures!)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cranky Pants

I was being a little "spicy" this evening...and the only thing that would make me flash one of my million dollar smiles was the camera...of course! So, Mommy took a few of me rolling around in the BIG mess that I made of the den.

Walker Fun

I love my walker! Not only can I sit and walk in it...but I can push it from behind! This is my new trick...stand behind the walker and push it. I can even walk a few steps...then I get freaked and freeze!

Check out the tongue in this shot!

Here I go!

I can also crawl under this thing...

Taa Daaaaa!


I am finally deciding that "real" food is yummy! I love green beans and peaches...they are just so slippery!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Wash Out!

Well, Father's Day was a wash! Rain, rain, rain! But, that was fine at our house. Kaitlyn was finally over yet another tummy bug that hit her pretty hard on Friday...and Mommy was in the final stages of the same bug. So, Daddy got to spend his day taking care of his two ladies. Needless to say he didn't get much pampering. And, no pictures because Mommy didn't even want to get off the couch to get the camera. Bad Mommy! But, Katie did wake us up by yelling "DaDa" from her bed...which was a great gift for her Daddy! She has been working on it for a few days...and it was finally perfect for the big day. What a wonderful daughter! Not to mention the new golf shoes and accessories that she picked out for her favorite Dad, she won some serious points with those. Because that means Daddy gets to go play his game...he has to break in his new gear, you know!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hey everybody, I just turned 9 months on Monday, June 11! It has been a busy month. I had ear surgery, I went to some end of school year parties, I cut 2 teeth, and much, much more. My favorite things to do are put my finger in my mouth (or nose), make raspberries with extra slobber, crawl to the dog food and electronics, play with my dog, clap my hands (I am good at that) and smile (what's new!) I don't go to the doctor until the end of the no news on any of that business. I am trying to eat more and more foods...but that is something that I am not too fond of yet. I love my baby food...but that chunky (adult) food is still kind of wierd to me. Popsicles are the bomb though! Well, until next time...chow!

If you could focus real close on this picture you might see at least one of my 2 teeth (on the bottom).

Here I am standing at Berit's chair trying to grab onto her bling (her tags). She puts up with me...that is about all I can say about that.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Backyards Can be FUN!

Mommy and Daddy got me this cool splash we had to break it out today.

Notice that I lost the swim suit...let's just say that my Little Swimmer got a little full and I did not want Mommy to put my suit back on after she changed my Swimmer. Oh was still fun!

Here I am trying to drink the water that was spraying everywhere. It was cool!

This is my outdoor lagoon!

Here is my pruny foot after all of the pool fun!

Swinging is so fun!

I even got to enjoy a yummy popsicle...what a fun day!

Just a few cute shots from the day...

More Beach Fun

Here I am playing at the beach house. I had so much fun on our short vacation.

Matt helped to relax me while we were swimming. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep!

I continued my nap on this float. It was comfy!

Daddy and I had fun swimming in Aunt Sharon and Uncle Gordon's pool. They live down at the beach, across the street from Diva and Gringo's being able to visit with them and their pool is a bonus on our beach trips.

Gringo found these 9 West shades in the we all took turns being Jackie O. Daddy looked the best. What do you think?

Beach Time!

I finally got to get in the ocean! I have been to Diva and Gringo's beach house a million times...but the water has been too cold. So, this time I made it in the water, and I LOVED it! Here I am waiting for Mommy and Daddy to get situated. Hurry...those waves are calling!

Mommy got in with me...she was telling me how much she could use a little sun on those white legs! I have a better tan than she does!

This salt water is yummy...and the sand was good too. Too bad Mommy made me stop eating and drinking out of the ocean.

Berit enjoyed the beach too. She was not too sure of the waves...but she liked laying in the cool sand.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Please Check Back

We are still here...I promise! It is just crazy around here. Summer school really drains you...6 1/2 hours straight with kids who don't want to be here! We have been busy though, so there are a lot of pictures to post. We went to the zoo (Mom was crazy and forgot her we have to wait for the disk from the throw away $1,000 zoo camera!), Katie went into the ocean for the first time and loved it, and much, much more! So, check back soon!