Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Day at Sea World with Sesame Street Friends!

Our day started with Elmo and Cookie Monster stopping by our hotel for breakfast. The Omni in SA is so kid friendly...awesome!

When we got to Sea World...we got to see more of our SS friends!

Did you notice that Brook isn't in any of these pics? She was perfectly happy staying behind the camera, waving and saying hi from afar.

Waiting on the sea the shade!

Face is painted...

Chillin' with a little ice cream snack...which melted immediately.

Petting the dophins...

Watching the new Elmo show...

So fun!

The Shamu show was so crowded...but it has changed since last it was ok.

Brook as cooling down with her Shamu beverage...

It was a fun day! Also nice that we got in free since we are teachers...sometimes it has its perks!

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